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Happy fathers day

Well its fathers day once again , the day that us dads can lay in bed till at least 7.45 am and not have to worry about how our hair looks when we get up . ( well for me it would be not worrying how many I lost in the night ) . The sun is up and the mood in the house will be set , as a sense of secrecy would be in the wind . Nothing would be moving , but that’s what they lead us to believe . The bedroom door flings open and before you have a chance to clear the sleep from your eyes the little ninjas would of jumped on to the bed and snuggled down next to you and each laid a kiss on each cheek . Then you hear the  the rattle of a plate and a cup and some cutlery on a tray , as your wife carries in the tray of breakfast in bed . As the tray settles on your lap and the smell of a hot coffee and bacon and eggs reaches your nose , your eyes well up and a tear rolls down your cheek, and the words of love is said ” happy fathers day , daddy ” . Its the moment that a father looks forward to , breakfast in bed and the lay in and the company of the best people who he will ever know , his wife and kids .



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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