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One last fish

The crimson sky cradles the palace of the sky . Pillars of light shine rain down on the lonely fisherman . The sea wraps it’s fingers round the tiny ship , and tightens its grip with every wave . The sky darkens as the wind pulls the boat deeper and deeper in to the unforgiving ocean . Like a needle in a haystack the boat stands alone . With every wave and blast by the nautical winds the fisherman loses control  . The sea rages like a bull in the arena , as the fisherman battles his whit to try to control the tiny ship . He shakes as he is failing to pull the ship into the winds and trying not to sink in the overwhelming Shadow that has fallen on the sea . The fallen looks down on the fisherman from the palace in the sky , and wonders why has he not given up . The boats getting Smothered by the sea swells and the oceans fingers teasing each wave over the nose of the ship
” why Great Neptune , why would you forsake my bounty and my life to the depths of your great kingdom ”
The sky open for a second and a lone ray of sun kiss swallowed the tiny boat .
” Zeus I seek safe passage , I seek you wisdom , I seek you strength to be able to make my way home .”
As the darken swallows the sun and the wave continued the unrelenting barrage on the bout . The fisherman dropped to his knees , and placed his hands on the his heart and looked to the sky . As his face looked up each drop of cold rain seemed to slow down , but as they hit his face he could hear the softest whisper of a familiar voice . It was like the softest of kiss his soul was overwhelmed with the deepest of sorrow . The whisper started to make sense and the words formed a something which he hasn’t heard for a long time
The clouds grew darker and any light that remained was crushed under the volume of the thunderous raw of the storm . The fisherman who was still on his knees with the salty sea water rolling around him , looked at his hands and wiped the sea spray from his eyes . To his amazement in front of him stood two figures , he could not believe what he was witnessing .
” my love is that you ”
He shouted out as the sound of the waves against the tiny boat so loud he could not even hear his own thoughts .
” yes it is me my darling ”
The fisherman dropped his head and warm tears started rolling down his face .
” its ok dada we are with you ”
The fisherman held out his hands , and at that moment he could feel the tiny vessel start to tip
” my boy I love you , I miss you so much . There is not a day that im not on this ocean , wishing that I could of been at home on the day of that storm . ”
His son stepped forward and looked at the hands of his father , he reached out and placed a kiss on both palms
” dada its time ”
The father looked at the small boat and looked at the sail and then back at the figures of his wife and son .
” I think im ready , I want to be with you . Zeus I want to be with my family , I want to feel them in my arms once more . Zeus I love them so much , I could not go another day with out them . Tell Hades that my soul belongs with them on the slopes of mount Olympus . ”
The fisherman held on to the wooden mast and looked and his wife and son fade in to the distance . The boat started to shake and he could hear each piece of the woods splinter snapping as the boat started to crack and the waves ventured on to the boat . As the waves got bigger and bigger he felt like he was lost with the  giants , the crack grew bigger and bigger and the wooden slats could not take any more . The tiny boat took one last look at the world in which it was born in to love . With a lasting crash of thunder the boat split in to two . The fisherman look at the waves as they lined up for the next barrage against him , and as the waves towered above him . He took one last look at his wife’s wedding band that sat snuggled on a piece of string around his neck . He looked up and with his last breath he shouted at the top of his lunges .
” I love you my family , I love you all so much ”
The waves crest fell just over head and washed the lone fisherman in to the icy water and pulled him down in to the swirling Abyss . The lights in the fisherman eyes slowly faded and a smile was left on his lips . His hand slowly open and the ring that he was clutching had gone . The fisherman blinked one last time to see his wife and son standing in a white haze , and the run that he had been clutching was back on his beautiful wife’s hand and his son was running towards him saying
” come with us dada , we have so much to show you ”



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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