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The comet

Ripping down the pillars .
The wall they crumble in .
Nowhere to run now .
The lights they shine with in .

The sun is in the moon light .
The fire burns all night .
The walking in darkness .
Knocked down by the sight .

The Light is ever blinding    .
It pails in the sun light .
Scorching in the meadows .
The glow is ever bright .

Speed is never constant .
We learn from the time .
Things are never borrowed .
Its rush from the tide .

Creators are the birth mark .
A ripple in the past .
moss and dew is spreading .
A punch line in the grass .

We are all just a moment .
Singular in the rhyme .
A looking glass for comets .
Hurtling through all time .


im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

One thought on “The comet

  1. REally like this poem and LOVE that last four lines
    We are all just a moment .
    Singular in the rhyme .
    A looking glass for comets .
    Hurtling through all time .

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