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The fairground

Waiting at the fair ground
Watching all the Lights
Looking for the mirrors
I will be riding here all night

The queues they slowly dwindle
Next one will I ride
Strapping down the seat belts
Its time to say or to drive

The bumper carts are bouncing
The rifle range is full
The horror house is scary
It’s time I make my move

The candyfloss it shimmers
A sugary hyperactive treat
It settles all the stomach
As we dangle all our feet

The turntables are revving
The music is a lust
The craving is ever exciting
The next ride is a must

Sitting with a stranger
Each one to there own
The light slowly dimming
Its time for the scare and moan

The hotdogs are delectable
The burger are the same
The fairground is for feeding
We all have to make a sound

The night is slowly passing
The passion for a fright
I stand and wait for the next ride
I hope I dont wait all night



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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