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my world

The shadow of my finger , as it slowly craves your back
The tingling sensation , as it laps up its own dance

It circles around the poems that I will right for you
Toiling with the notions, and the love I write for you

My words are softly written , like tattoos down your spine
Loving every moment , like the softness of red wine

The waking of emotions , the stirring of our love
You hold my heart so sweetly, like the wearing of a glove

My mind is a virtue, a statue of the world
My world is a Eden , when you are inside my world

Our anniversary is coming , the day we bless our love
Together we are Inviting , for all to share our love

The lusciousness of kisses , you place on to my lips
Looking into your eyes , and how im in to such bliss

Waking up beside you and gazing in your eyes
Looking at my love and how much I love my wife


im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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