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my wife

Looking in to the shadows of Your  eyelashes on your cheek , happily im know that my time with you is sweet .
 Watching as your blinking and a smile that’s on your face wondering if your thinking how in life you keep me safe .
 Your wisdoms never pardoned and your words they always stay , saying that you love me it brightens up my day .
 Our lives are made together and we live every moment to its full , longing for the second you catch me when I fall .
 My love Is never ending , your hand is all I need . To keep it close and not let it go while your sonnets they do lead .
 Captured in second that your eyes they locked to mine , looking to the future and the life that you made mine .
 Each day I love to hold you and never want to let go , the life and love you’ve given to the day that we get old .
 So many beautiful memories, like the days that we had spent , looking at our babies and the love that we were sent .
 The day that we got married and the love declared in our hearts , forever we are sharing the beating of one heart .
 Many year spent together and the melding of our lives , I love you more than you will ever know , my love , my friend , my wife



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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