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Meaning of lifeĀ 

Everyone like to think they will not figure out the meaning of life but to everyone it’s different. It could be to live life to its fullest or it could be to find love , but to each it’s there own and no other two are the same . For some they will find that meaning and for some they won’t , but for some they will be cut short in the pursuit to find it . With everyone different in all aspects in life we will endeavour to find that meaning , so I take a breath and stand to gaze into the cosmos and look at it as I would from the heavens and to me that meaning is shrouded in the clouds as they pass my eye , but at some point the meaning will present itself to us all . It’s up to each other to take meaning from that glimmer and make sense to the blink that we call life .
These are just my thoughts of the ever lasting question, but we all have our own question that we will ask what is our meaning