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Lost in shadows 

Chapter 1 pt 3 

As the beast ran he could feel the wind sweeping through the scales on his neck and down between each spine running down his back . Each step cause a small quake and ripples across the landscape, but the beast was not going to give up his life . This day would not be his last , but as each step ignited a hope in his eyes , as he remembered the days he could walk side by side with the mate he lost and hear the small whimpering as the young would follow . This also cause him to sorrow for all he ever wanted was taken away by the mighty blow of mans flying birds . The beast did not stop running as each vision fuelled his hatred and anger towards the beasts that followed him . 

” Charley delta lemur, we have the beast in sight . But it’s moving our heat sealers don’t detect its body . Do we have clearance to use line if sight ” 

“Delta Romeo, you have clearance as long as as human casualties are to a minimum. Above all else bring the beast down by all cost ” 
The beast could not know what was lurking over the next hill , but as he plunged down his front hands and pushed down he leaped in to the air and placed his hind feet in to the hillside. Without knowing the beast topped the hill and with the sun behind him he could look back to see the iron birds racing towards . 
” I have a shot ” 

” take it ” 
The first bird took the first shot and the venom hurtled across the blue skies towards the beast as it stood in a haze of sunlight . The unaware beast stood in the line of sight of the man ants as they built a last wall of guns and armoured stalkers . As the venom got closer the beast crouched as if to take the shot , the venom drew its last breath and a cloud of smoke choked the air and its last moments soon came to a close . The nose of the venom opened and the cutter was exposed , the beast had seen this bug before as it was the one that took his young . The determination of the beast could be seen in his eyes but as the venom nearing he turned his back and jump in to the wall of ants . As his feet hit the ground and his legs sprung in to action , he bound in the air once again and in to a sprint . The venom as it made contact with the still moving swirl of air from the flow of the vast beast caused it to change direction and the venom started to fall and towards the army of ants .  


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Lost in shadows 

Chapter 1 pt 2 

The great beast paused for a few minutes as if it was surveying the land scape , but as the dirt and dust settled the beast took a deep breath . As it pulled the air deep within its vast lungs , it would whimper but no ordinary whimper it was a deep bellow from the deepest reaches of its chest . Once the breath was drawn it stopped and looked up and opened its mouth exposing each of its vast array of teeth . The beast looked down and a deafening howl spread out over the countryside but this howl would be followed by an assortment of deepening clicks . The beast whimpered once more as it lowered its back and dropped its head , placing each hand on the ground and burying each clawed finger in to the dirt . Each finger was moving the soil over and digging deeper , as its finger was covered in the damp soil the beast bent down onto its knees and its head would turn and softly place the side of its face on to the soil . With a the soil exposed it would spoil the soil by leaving its scent as it poured out the side of its mouth , as the scent laced the ground it was smelling as it had found a scent that it had not smelt in some time . The beast stood upright in one swift motion , but as its hand pulled out the soil it was taking all the soil with it . 

The beast looked over the Great Lake and towards the hill but could not see anything , as the beast turned its head and looked to the side of him he could see two man made flying machines dancing in the sun as the stopped and two flashes came from each side of the flying machine . The beast knew what was to come next for it had seen it before , it was burnt in to the mind of the beast as he had seen his mate killed in front of him . The smell of burning flesh and the screams of his love as she passed in to the next world was scared in to his mind . The beast dropped his head took a deep breath and placed his hands on the ground and pushed in to the ground and like a cheetah sprung in to a sprint and charged across the countryside, pushing over trees and knocking over buildings that would stand in his way . He could hear the mighty raw of the man weapons as the hurtled across the sky , charging to put the last beast down .  


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Lost in shadows 

Chapter 1
The soap suds are settling in a bath tub gone cold , ripples of the water as it slowly drips from the silver taps . Not a sound to be heard but the constant crashing of the drops as they hit the still waters , but as the ripples cascade from one side of the tub to the other a single ripple flows from the Center . It’s a ripple to quiet the other as they charge from the drops of the taps . As the Center ripple bounces of the sides of the tube a single piece of tile fall from the wall , there is no reason for this tile to fall but as it falls it bounces of the other white tiles on the wall and hits the side of the tub . The water opens and swallow the now fragmented tile as it pierced the soft touch of the water . The fragments of the tile sweep from side to side as they made there way to the bottom of the reinforced glass tub . The water sat still and the white pieces sat lonely as they drowned in the cool water . 

The air was still and not a thing was moving until a thunderous scream twisted through the walls , there was a deafening thud but not a light thud this thud was heavily weighted and the tiles started peeling from the walls and falling in the water as they were ready to catch them . The air went still and the sound of the tiles hitting the bottom of the tub echoed in the room if only for a second , but it was long enough for the next thud to plunge the room in to utter chaos . This thud was nearer and more pronounced then the other , it felt that what ever it was would of moved closer . There was nothing to stop the scream as it wielded the air and quaked through the walls , a third thud and the walls started to crack and fall in . It seemed like the walls was made of only paper and glue but as the bricks started to shatter from homes where they have dwelled for many years , and fall in the the room and shattering the glass tub . There was another thud but not like the other this one was more softer , although the damage was done and the room was in total disarray . The glass tub was still standing and the water intact just a few cracks from the shattering of the bricks as they fell . The room went still and the dust started to settle , the walls stopped moving and the water went quiet . In a blink of an eye the ceiling started to fall in as if it was being pushed down , the walls buckled and in a split second there was nothing left of the room . The dust moved as swiftly as it was created like something was moving it , the air seemed to be pulled as something came out of the rubble . The large object lifted and moved away and settled on the garden pushing the bushes over and the thud would follow as like with a storm the thunder followed . As the dust moved it thinned and out of the shadows a second object rushed trough the dust and pounded it’s mark in to the garden next to the other . 

The sun poured through the clouds and a shadow of a beast looking over the countryside eclipsed the fields , but this silence was short lived as it would give out a loud scream that would echo through the hills and over the Great Lake  


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The snow beast 

I’m looking out the window to a sight I never seen , the whitest of clouds and it shimmering for me . The wind it lightly picks up and a gusting it will bring , the bird they fall silent for the winter is for me . The tree tops they do whisper and the branches do they sway , the winter storms are coming and they are start on this day . The frost it shall be thicker on the leaves that fell today , a crispness in nature and a winter that will care . The snowflakes they are falling in the distance I can see , a white wall of winter is swallowing up the trees . The beast of white is charging it covers where it lays , from the trees to the pebbles it whitening away . The birds they do shudder in the cooling winter blast , a wind that’s unforgiving as it chills as it whips passed . The lease become a shelter for the animals that can freeze , natures loving blankets from the highest of the trees . The clouds are slowly creeping the blue sky nearly gone , a light darkness it will follow as the cloud eat up the sun . The sun is quickly swallowed as the light it shall now dim , the snow in the breeze it lighting as the beast it shall now sing . The sound of thunder rolling in the valley and the skies , the raw of natures dragons as the snow kisses my eyes . The raw it shakes and blunders in the wood down to the stream , it become a force of calling as the beast charges to me . The whitest coat of snowflakes are glistening in the trees , the white beast is now charging as the wind licks through the trees . I can’t help but wonder what the beast had install for me , would it be a blessing or a curse just for me . The raw it would be fading and the trees lost in the dark nothing left for the beast as it rumbles down my path . The door it starts to rumble as the wind it will pick up , it’s knocking and its pounding as the beast it won’t give up . The snow now falling heavy on the ground outside my door , I can not fight this feeling I won’t to see some more . The beast has nearly entered my garden once again , a chilling snowbound present as it sweeps across the ground . I open the door to witness the beast as it will pass , a chilling wondering beast we all call the arctic blast

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Sensual weapons 

We are just sensual weaponsWe are made just for desire

Unique with every sculpting

We are just for a grand design
We all have our own techniques

For to tease the other sex 

But it all boils down to

To two people having sex 
With our bodies Of pleasure

Tools for us to use 

We perfect the act of mating 

We summon for a sexual bloom 
With sensation and aroma

With lotions made for lust

The act is very simple 

Its just you , me and us
With finger and hands exploring

Feathers and chocolate is a must 

To eat of your goddess body

To lick it off your bust 
Our heat is rapidly rising

We are but slaves to our desire

To take you soft and gentle

For love it has no wire 
The lust is everlasting 

What you want , I’m your to see 

There no need for searching

I’m right here on my knees 
We kiss ever crevice

I lick from toes to knee 

I want to feel you tremble 

As I’m deep inside of thee