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The snow beast 

I’m looking out the window to a sight I never seen , the whitest of clouds and it shimmering for me . The wind it lightly picks up and a gusting it will bring , the bird they fall silent for the winter is for me . The tree tops they do whisper and the branches do they sway , the winter storms are coming and they are start on this day . The frost it shall be thicker on the leaves that fell today , a crispness in nature and a winter that will care . The snowflakes they are falling in the distance I can see , a white wall of winter is swallowing up the trees . The beast of white is charging it covers where it lays , from the trees to the pebbles it whitening away . The birds they do shudder in the cooling winter blast , a wind that’s unforgiving as it chills as it whips passed . The lease become a shelter for the animals that can freeze , natures loving blankets from the highest of the trees . The clouds are slowly creeping the blue sky nearly gone , a light darkness it will follow as the cloud eat up the sun . The sun is quickly swallowed as the light it shall now dim , the snow in the breeze it lighting as the beast it shall now sing . The sound of thunder rolling in the valley and the skies , the raw of natures dragons as the snow kisses my eyes . The raw it shakes and blunders in the wood down to the stream , it become a force of calling as the beast charges to me . The whitest coat of snowflakes are glistening in the trees , the white beast is now charging as the wind licks through the trees . I can’t help but wonder what the beast had install for me , would it be a blessing or a curse just for me . The raw it would be fading and the trees lost in the dark nothing left for the beast as it rumbles down my path . The door it starts to rumble as the wind it will pick up , it’s knocking and its pounding as the beast it won’t give up . The snow now falling heavy on the ground outside my door , I can not fight this feeling I won’t to see some more . The beast has nearly entered my garden once again , a chilling snowbound present as it sweeps across the ground . I open the door to witness the beast as it will pass , a chilling wondering beast we all call the arctic blast



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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