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Lost in shadows 

Chapter 1
The soap suds are settling in a bath tub gone cold , ripples of the water as it slowly drips from the silver taps . Not a sound to be heard but the constant crashing of the drops as they hit the still waters , but as the ripples cascade from one side of the tub to the other a single ripple flows from the Center . It’s a ripple to quiet the other as they charge from the drops of the taps . As the Center ripple bounces of the sides of the tube a single piece of tile fall from the wall , there is no reason for this tile to fall but as it falls it bounces of the other white tiles on the wall and hits the side of the tub . The water opens and swallow the now fragmented tile as it pierced the soft touch of the water . The fragments of the tile sweep from side to side as they made there way to the bottom of the reinforced glass tub . The water sat still and the white pieces sat lonely as they drowned in the cool water . 

The air was still and not a thing was moving until a thunderous scream twisted through the walls , there was a deafening thud but not a light thud this thud was heavily weighted and the tiles started peeling from the walls and falling in the water as they were ready to catch them . The air went still and the sound of the tiles hitting the bottom of the tub echoed in the room if only for a second , but it was long enough for the next thud to plunge the room in to utter chaos . This thud was nearer and more pronounced then the other , it felt that what ever it was would of moved closer . There was nothing to stop the scream as it wielded the air and quaked through the walls , a third thud and the walls started to crack and fall in . It seemed like the walls was made of only paper and glue but as the bricks started to shatter from homes where they have dwelled for many years , and fall in the the room and shattering the glass tub . There was another thud but not like the other this one was more softer , although the damage was done and the room was in total disarray . The glass tub was still standing and the water intact just a few cracks from the shattering of the bricks as they fell . The room went still and the dust started to settle , the walls stopped moving and the water went quiet . In a blink of an eye the ceiling started to fall in as if it was being pushed down , the walls buckled and in a split second there was nothing left of the room . The dust moved as swiftly as it was created like something was moving it , the air seemed to be pulled as something came out of the rubble . The large object lifted and moved away and settled on the garden pushing the bushes over and the thud would follow as like with a storm the thunder followed . As the dust moved it thinned and out of the shadows a second object rushed trough the dust and pounded it’s mark in to the garden next to the other . 

The sun poured through the clouds and a shadow of a beast looking over the countryside eclipsed the fields , but this silence was short lived as it would give out a loud scream that would echo through the hills and over the Great Lake  




im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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