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Lost in shadows 

Chapter 1 pt 2 

The great beast paused for a few minutes as if it was surveying the land scape , but as the dirt and dust settled the beast took a deep breath . As it pulled the air deep within its vast lungs , it would whimper but no ordinary whimper it was a deep bellow from the deepest reaches of its chest . Once the breath was drawn it stopped and looked up and opened its mouth exposing each of its vast array of teeth . The beast looked down and a deafening howl spread out over the countryside but this howl would be followed by an assortment of deepening clicks . The beast whimpered once more as it lowered its back and dropped its head , placing each hand on the ground and burying each clawed finger in to the dirt . Each finger was moving the soil over and digging deeper , as its finger was covered in the damp soil the beast bent down onto its knees and its head would turn and softly place the side of its face on to the soil . With a the soil exposed it would spoil the soil by leaving its scent as it poured out the side of its mouth , as the scent laced the ground it was smelling as it had found a scent that it had not smelt in some time . The beast stood upright in one swift motion , but as its hand pulled out the soil it was taking all the soil with it . 

The beast looked over the Great Lake and towards the hill but could not see anything , as the beast turned its head and looked to the side of him he could see two man made flying machines dancing in the sun as the stopped and two flashes came from each side of the flying machine . The beast knew what was to come next for it had seen it before , it was burnt in to the mind of the beast as he had seen his mate killed in front of him . The smell of burning flesh and the screams of his love as she passed in to the next world was scared in to his mind . The beast dropped his head took a deep breath and placed his hands on the ground and pushed in to the ground and like a cheetah sprung in to a sprint and charged across the countryside, pushing over trees and knocking over buildings that would stand in his way . He could hear the mighty raw of the man weapons as the hurtled across the sky , charging to put the last beast down .  



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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