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Lost in shadows 

Chapter 1 pt 3 

As the beast ran he could feel the wind sweeping through the scales on his neck and down between each spine running down his back . Each step cause a small quake and ripples across the landscape, but the beast was not going to give up his life . This day would not be his last , but as each step ignited a hope in his eyes , as he remembered the days he could walk side by side with the mate he lost and hear the small whimpering as the young would follow . This also cause him to sorrow for all he ever wanted was taken away by the mighty blow of mans flying birds . The beast did not stop running as each vision fuelled his hatred and anger towards the beasts that followed him . 

” Charley delta lemur, we have the beast in sight . But it’s moving our heat sealers don’t detect its body . Do we have clearance to use line if sight ” 

“Delta Romeo, you have clearance as long as as human casualties are to a minimum. Above all else bring the beast down by all cost ” 
The beast could not know what was lurking over the next hill , but as he plunged down his front hands and pushed down he leaped in to the air and placed his hind feet in to the hillside. Without knowing the beast topped the hill and with the sun behind him he could look back to see the iron birds racing towards . 
” I have a shot ” 

” take it ” 
The first bird took the first shot and the venom hurtled across the blue skies towards the beast as it stood in a haze of sunlight . The unaware beast stood in the line of sight of the man ants as they built a last wall of guns and armoured stalkers . As the venom got closer the beast crouched as if to take the shot , the venom drew its last breath and a cloud of smoke choked the air and its last moments soon came to a close . The nose of the venom opened and the cutter was exposed , the beast had seen this bug before as it was the one that took his young . The determination of the beast could be seen in his eyes but as the venom nearing he turned his back and jump in to the wall of ants . As his feet hit the ground and his legs sprung in to action , he bound in the air once again and in to a sprint . The venom as it made contact with the still moving swirl of air from the flow of the vast beast caused it to change direction and the venom started to fall and towards the army of ants .  




im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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