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Chocolate lovers 

Your scent it always lingers That taste is in the air 

The sweetest softest odour 

That makes me tingles everywhere 
I see you looking at me 

I want to taste you now 

My tongue it want your sweetness 

I want you here and now 
I can not stop the excitement 

Shall not go with out 

I want to hear my body 

As i caress you till I shout 
My warmth is all your needing 

For I want to feel you melt 

I want to taste you candy 

As you melt deep within my mouth 
I know that it will not last long 

I know I can’t do with out 

I want to feel you in me 

Oh how I love to long it out 
You love is ever lasting 

You love it can be bought 

You love is in my wet dreams 

You love it stains my thoughts 
lovers we will be forever 

Like Shakespeare in the wind 

I long to feel you inside me 

Oh and dripping off my chin 
I will not waste a moment 

It’s just you and me to see 

I love you sugary candy

From my head down to my feet 
Oh chocolate you have won another 

You got me to fall in love 

You wear my heart forever 

I love you , my bar of choco love 

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Cupid’s arrow

A rose will bloom forever A rose will live for life 
With the love we share together 

Our love will last for life 
With cuddles and kisses and loving 

Cupid will be in flight 
Spreading the love and happiness 

As We love to share till night 
Chocolates , roses for breakfast 

All day is spent with you 
We could hold each other warmly 

Or sit in the morning dew 
Hands are held real tightly 

As cupids arrow passes through
One look is all we need now 

As I fall in love with you 
My heart is beating even deeper 

My breath has now been took 
My love forever flowing 

From your ever loving look 


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My valentine 

My heart rate it stand to elevateThere is a tingling in my mind 

The softness of you presents 

With a drinking of the wine 
My body is a vessel 

It’s your toy at your dispose 

I’m willing and I’m waiting 

Wanting everything that it knows 
Your touch it will inspire 

There is a waking in my soul 

I’m looking for the power 

That your body knows it holds 
My breathing starts to deepen 

I’m longing to hear the words 

I love the way you tease me 

With them three little word 
My hearts crying out for loving 

My mind want to us to escape 

I want you everlasting 

Will you be my valentine soul mate  


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I wanted to say I love you , but the words are not enough . 
To show you would be a blessing , but I can not hold you enough .
I could write you a sonnet, or cry it from the clouds . 

I could tell you over and over but my words just are not that loud .
I could tell you in a story , and paint the world for you .

I would run out of things to say after I saying I love you .
If time is a gift , I would hold on to you for life . 

Unwrapping you like a rose bud , with the sweetest smell of night . 
I wanted to buy you a present , but money wasn’t enough . 

So I give you my heart , and my undying love .
The pages they do turn , but our story has not been told . 

It’s written in the stars , and the tails of time and old