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I wanted to say I love you , but the words are not enough . 
To show you would be a blessing , but I can not hold you enough .
I could write you a sonnet, or cry it from the clouds . 

I could tell you over and over but my words just are not that loud .
I could tell you in a story , and paint the world for you .

I would run out of things to say after I saying I love you .
If time is a gift , I would hold on to you for life . 

Unwrapping you like a rose bud , with the sweetest smell of night . 
I wanted to buy you a present , but money wasn’t enough . 

So I give you my heart , and my undying love .
The pages they do turn , but our story has not been told . 

It’s written in the stars , and the tails of time and old  




im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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