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Loves moon 

The sunlight always lingers , as the light kisses your chest The softest beautiful bosom , that blossom I undress 

You neckline I will venture , that softest little crease 

My lips will hold the power , as I place a kiss here on your cheek 
The sunlight slowly dipping , and the lights are turned down low 

The little whisper of cracking , as the fire embers glow 

The wine is slightly sweating , in the glass next to the fireplace 

That taste will be everlasting , as cupid holds our place 
Those kisses we are exchanging , is money for our love 

That’s gold and diamond encrusted , and you wear just like a glove 

Our heart will beat together , as our toes they slowly meet 

A little dance together , as we hold down to our feet 
My finger they are shaking , I tremble in the wind 

My lips are always longing , to kiss you as the Angel sing 

I want to share my last breath , I want to live through the night 

I want to taste your sweetness , I want it to last all life 
To feel you playing with me , to hold me in the warmth of your hand 

I love the way I tremble , as I’m putty in loves modelling plans 

The sweetness of your Kisses , the juices of our lust 

I want to caress your body , I’m your for you can bust