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Our day 

My nerves are slowly erupting The excitement is too much 

I can’t wait to hear you saying 

Your vows and feel your touch 
This day has quietly crept up 

Now it’s finally here 

The day to celibate now 

Now let’s toast and spread some cheer 
This day it shall be ours 

This day Is just for us 

This day is love and flowers 

This day it means so much 
For the time is passing quicker 

The minute are now in time 

The chorus and the verses 

The blessings written in rhyme 
The suits are nicely waiting 

The dress is in the wind 

The makeup and the haircuts 

As the wedding party sings 
Your my world , my love , my soulmate 

Your the laughter in the winds 

Your the tears I have in waiting 

For when I see your wedding dress swishing