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The storm god 

Looking out the window , as the glazing starts to break . A darker side of shimmer, Dawn’s starts to awake . 
The Leaves fall like snowflakes , like boats capsized to drown . 

The burning of the ice shard , as the leaves they turn to brown . 
The waking of the storm god , the winds stricken and commands . 

The pointed fearful finger , it shakes and it bombards .
A dark mass ever growing , as the clouds they do shape . 

Like a blanket of darkened velvet , as the countryside it do wake . 
Loathing and slightly clumsy , the giants starts to move . 

Windy days of tomorrow , as the storm it feels it’s grove . 
A cauldron of blasting nettles , a shapeshifter is the sky . 

A battle in the morning , as the light stuns in the twilight sky . 
Like a wizard in his chambers , a poet in the mind . 

A loving hug from the storm god , as each flash eclipse good bye .  

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Sea’ paintings 

Walking through the tide line Sand kissing between my toes 

Water is really soothing 

As it washes away my woes 
Each wave is penetrating 

The sun blisters as I go 

Walking deeper in to the time lapse 

Where the sea only knows 
The waves softly caressing 

The deeper I must go 

Water up to my waist line 

Showing me just where to go 
Losing sight of the coastline 

Waves crashing in to my eyes 

Lost in the movement 

Of the sea’s beating nursery rhyme
Each breath becoming deeper 

The reaper shall be met 

Look in to the painting 

Of the sea’s shadows you are kept