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Growing seedlings 

Waking from the ashes I’m reaching for the sky 

The sun drops they are cleansing 

I know not where or why 
Each arm slowly twisting 

I’m searching for the light 

The darkness I’m not fearing 

As I churn in the morning light 


My roots are sinking deeper 

I can feel the warmth within 

The softness of the soil 

As my growth starts deep with in 
Looking for my footing 

Searching for the sun 

I’m reach for the cosmos 

My life has just begun 
The days and years are passing 

I’m reaching for the sky 

Ripping through the skyline 

As my leaves brown , decay and die 
I’m holding in the strong winds 

I’m waving in the air 

Watching the seasons changing 

As autumn strips me bare 
The sun setting a little early 

My bedtime comes to call 

I’m watching all the animals 

As they shelter from the colds 
Autumn turns to winter 

My leaves they have gone 

Watching all the snowflakes 

Wondering where my summer have gone