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My angel

I fallen for an angel

I fallen for my sun

I’m in love with the sweetest

I’m in love with the one

I fell for your beauty

I fell for your heart

I’m loving every piece of you

I’m loving how you light the dark

I fell for your loving

I fell and it will never end

You are my soulmate

You are my best friend

I’m loving every warm touch

I’m loving every kiss

Together we are everything

Together your my bliss

I love the way look at me

I love the way you miss

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Me an you

Looking out the window , with you here by my side

Looking as they steam up , and our fingertips intertwine

Finger linked together , the dew it slowly falls

As our body line together , and the sun longs for us to fall

The night is softly creeping , the temperature starts to drop

The dew moistened our fingers , as our butterflies chase the knots

Our temperature is boiling , the dew glistening in the light

Our bodies move together , as we have been looking for the night

Finger down the window pane , one hand against the wall

The table made for dinner , but my appetite will be my tool

The pans are boiling over , as our lips are close to meet

Your knees quickly weaken , an you tingle from head to feet

Heart beat quickly rising , as our breathing starts to match

A flame flickers in the reflection , as the fire starts to catch

That feeling I am nervous , the excitement fills the room

Your deepening breaths it whispers , as our love will fill this room

With each second near and passing , each time that we will kiss

The moments we share are perfect , each moment brings us bliss

Our fluidness in motion , our hips start to rock

The excitement boiling over , now we can not and shall not stop

Darkness is overwhelming , your skin brings in the light

Each touch will heat a candle , our lust will bring in sight

Your eyes are bright and enticing , insatiable in your hands

The feeling I am swelling , as our sweat falls like beads of sand

My nervousness erupting , my heart beating through my chest

Wearing my loving heart , like a loving warming vest

Our bodies intertwining , the smell of love thick in the air

Watch as the dew runs , like sweat beads running down your hair

Legs start to tremble , as the blood runs though my veins

The feeling of a loving swelling , and you will feel the same

Hands start to wonder , our love can not be contained

Like the ever moving ocean , each kiss teases our brain

My finger tips exploring , the loving contour of your frame

Each teasing and caressing, a curve to a point of no refrain

Trailing and the tracing, testing like a spell

The smell of your perfume, is making me compelled

The sweetness of your blossom , a flower I want to taste

Our hands slowly caressing , as we lead to our place

The darkness taking over , our cloth is on the floor

A longing for each other , a feeling we want each other and more

Our shapes are intertwining, as your sweat runs down your chest

The juices steady flowing , each exchange causes a mist

Staring in to the night sky , our hands they do shake

Loving every picture , as I make your body shake

Our bodies come together , like poetry of our love

Pulsing and thrusting , each trust with a loving rub

Our fluids mould together, and we rock like a heart

Love every moment, I’m held with Cupid’s dart