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My hand softly pushing on the dark timber door , pushing as the hinge swings and the rust crackles , creaks and moans . The air from the outside is think with the morning rains , the air rushing through the doorway as I take my first steps in to the world that I have not seen for a few weeks . The air inside the church was damp and cold , but the the side room off the main hall is where I called home as cosy as I could make it . A few candles remained alight , and the smell of the wood I had for a fire was smouldering with a few flickers of flames licking the last of the fire wood that I had remaining in the whole church . As my feet touched the cold concrete walkway out side he church , I could hear a distant but faint song of a robin in the trees . It’s a soft song that I have heard through the cold walls as I would wake up in the mornings , but the song would of been the same thing I was craving . The song that we needed food and some one to talk too , but for our luck it had been a week or two since I had a conversation with a fellow human .

The sound of the robins song had caused the woods surrounding the church to come alive and more and more tiny chirps echoed in the breeze , but with it caused the roar of the creature . It seems to wake to the slightest of sounds but also lays sleeping in the quietest of times , I have not seen the creature but know its there and it’s waiting . It wakes and feeds but I don’t know how long it will be till it falls back to sleep , we think it sleeps but no one has lived to tell other survivors otherwise.

The woods fell quite and the wind still , but with every placed footstep I took I could feel my heart race and my skin blush . The smell of my dirty skin and cloths lingered as I have not been able to find enough fresh water to clean , it had been about two weeks since I had felt running hot water on my skin . I can still smell the shower gel that I used in that abandoned house, it was the last time I saw electricity and running hot waster but that had only lasted for a few days , until the screamers past through and I had to run for the shelter once again . The screamers a dark looking creatures that came in the first wave after the first portal opened , the portals are invisible to see with the naked eye but with a night vision goggles you can see a faint outline to the portals entrance .

Now walking in the woods I was shaking and sweating as I did not know what was around the next tree . Each step I place with the lightest of touch as I didn’t want to cause anything to know I was there , but lately I was finding it harder to walk as the cut I had got one my left calf was getting infected and I had not been able to find any medicine to help it . I stopped and rested up against a tree that had fell in the storm of last week that nearly blew the slate tiles of the old church that I had been calling home . Once I had sat on the tree I could feel the heat from the cut through my jeans , it was lucky that i had lost a few pounds in the last week that my trousers had gone from tight to loose . I pulled up the bottom of my trouser leg to have a look and the cut had gone black with a hint of light blue in the Center , last time I saw a infection like this it was the last man I seen before the portals opened and the screamers took him .

Once I had rested I knew I had to move on and try to find some food or even water as I had nothing to survive on , but with every passing hour I could feel myself getting weaker and weaker . I could not go back to the church as I knew there was only shelter there , but no food or water . I had marked everywhere I had been on the old map I had found in the house , so I could see where I was going and even where I had been , but not knowing where the creature was I had to keep track to the places i knew was safe and where I had encountered anything that wasn’t human in nature . The only problem was on my travels I had encountered humans who was not the friendliest of people and I knew that in these dark time I would meet people like that . I think it was worse meeting humans that would turn on you in a second then knowing that you could be the next meal for the screamers , or even coming face to face with the creature.

My next plan was to make it safe through the woods to the little village on the other side so I could get my next meal or even just my next shelter

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Longing for the read

Awaking from your slumber

As my finger tickle your spine

Every word you’ve spoken

Is as smooth as vintage wine

I’m bound by your vision

I’m lost in the dark

I’m staying in to see you

Its you and me and my beating heart

Every word I am hung on

Never blink , so I don’t miss

Our story is unfolding

As I settle with a lonely kiss

Your always there to please me

Your never far away

Your in my dreams forever

Your the leaves falling in the day

The time we share is exciting

I tingle when I hold

I look forward to the moment

That our pages do unfold

You live for me and others

You join me for lunch and tea

You walk with me to the bedroom

You even know if it’s just you and me

We love a book for sharing

We love a book cause it is sweet

We love a book for the words that are spoken

We love a book for it’s vivid dream

All of us love for a romance

All of us love adventure too

We love to hate the villain

We love to for chapter two

Each day lost in jungles

A week with Christian grey

A month with mr heathcliff

For I can’t put you down today