Hi I’m using this blog to get my poetry and and my book out to the world for all to see as I’m new to writing I’m finding it hard to get my word out about this site. I will be updating this blog as much as I can to keep all my follower up to date with my book and my poetry

I’m now posting up sections from my up and coming books I hope that you guys like reading it one of my book is a romance novel Which was inspired by my beautiful wife who likes to read and I wanted to write her a book that she would like to read

Well like I said I’m new to this so would like to have any feed back and new followers are greatly welcome to read my work

im 33 years old and it has taken me this long to get my work out to the open world before this it was just for the sight of a select few but i feel its time that i should show the world what i am made of . i count all my fellow bloggers to be family as we al have some thing to say

i feel honored to be able to write with my fellow bloggers and i hope you all like what i put

my blog is my own work inspired by my life




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