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Missing you 

Knowing your heart was broken You’ve taken your last breath 

Never seen the love you leaving  

Cause you wear it on your chest 
The days are short and cold now

Your heat is in the air 

The sun is softly setting 

Just knowing your not there 
The wave of silence quicken 

The dark turns in to light 

Peacefulness is falling 

As your wings take you to flight 
The shadows of an angel 

The feathers of your wings 

Seeing you are sawing 

To feel you dancing in the winds 
Your spirit everlasting 

The words you shared do shake 

To see the life you gave us 

See our love you love you take 


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Sailor in a bottle

Looking in the bottle , to the ship that’s trapped in time .  Wondering if you will visit , to see us from time to time .  
A navy man to whisper , the man with the biggest heart 

Knowing your not with us , it’s breaking all our hearts 
Your a man who was regimental , a man who had seen the world . 

Your a story for the generations , the navy man for the world . 
You’ve been to exotic places , you’ve been around the world .  

You’ve been a friend and brother , a gentleman in the world 
Your at peace now your in heaven , or back aboard the ship . 

Traveling round the waters , or sat eating your fish and chips . 
The love you gave was warming , but now your flame gone out . 

Now nana will be there to greet you , and give you a northern clout 
We are all eternally grateful , for we had you in all our lives . 

The biggest voice and biggest heart , that we will miss for all our lives 

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Mother of a loving heart 

Looking out the window , as a tear rolled down there face .They are thinking of there mother , who no longer roams this place . 
Happiness and sorrow , and memories that they had .

Wishing she could whisper , or even hold there hand . 
The orchids they do blossom , and the trees they do bloom 

In there world it’s been just four years , but there tears still show there gloom
On that day of passing , there hearts they did break 

Even healing and time passing , there tears still do shake 
But in there time of sorrow , the love they have unite . 

They light the candle to shine out , and there love will be so bright .
She will look down and smile , as each candle catches sight .

Knowing her family are loving , with each heart she holds on tight 
Proud of the knowing , as her kids they have grown 

Each kids has had her grandkids , and her loving heart it still grows 
The mother she is looking and watching , as they grow 

She will hold the hand and kisses there cheek so there loving hearts will show 
We miss you smile , we miss you laugh , the way you told us off 

Always in our minds , hearts and soul , our mother of loving hearts 

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Help wanted

I have been pondering with what’s best , letting my work get published by a publisher or to go to a self publisher company. I wont to get my work out to the world on paper as well as on my blog but I cant decide what would be best . I know that some of my follower have been published and some are in the Process of being published , and i would love to hear from you guys what you would do and what has been your experience with being published

Please help

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The fog

Today is the one day you need to see your way
I will be around you in every single way
I will cool the air down and leave everything damp
I will even stick to street lamps
I thick when you at me i well cove all to be
You will try to see through me but is isn’t to be
I will look down upon you and laugh as i will see
You walk in circles as you try to get through me
I may be short lived but when i come to town
I will cause disruption and make everyone frown
I will be the darkness on a dreary day
I will stop you when you want to play
I don’t like when its warm for i don’t like to burn
But when the sun it comes out
Know i will return

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Hand in hand

You take my hand ,and give me the look
The look that says i need you now i need you here
You take me to the place of sleeps ,for this is a place were meet
As we enter you shut the door , and with no word you have me needing more
You walk me over to the four poster bed and sit on down ,with nothing said
You pull me close and with you smile i can see what your doing as im looking on down
You take my hand and give it a squeeze as you slide of the bed down on to you knees
I close my eye as im in heaven right now ,as i can feel your hands as they move around
Your hand are a wondering as they move the ground, slowly up my leg and my waist there around
You undo my belt and my trousers drop to the ground
I kick of my shoes and shake off my pants , i seem excited as my legs start to shake
You stand on up and give me a kiss , the softness of your lips is my only bliss
I take your hand its my turn now as i drop to the floor , feeling you skin of your legs my fingers excite
With every stroke i place a kiss up your thighs and under your dress
My hands keep wondering the higher they go under your and over your bum as i cant stop mow as you let out a moan
As i stand up i hold your dress , as i lift it on up and over your breasts and over you head
Still on your arms as i lightly push you on down and on to the bed while i hold your head
As your are laying there your hips start to roll your body is wanting as you start to moan
” i want you inside , now don’t hesitate , now rip of my knickers i can not wait”
As i look at you body im like putty in your hands , i can feel myself throbbing as you untie your hands
You push me on back to lay on the bed ,as your hands hold my arms and you get on top
” i had a dream of this ,i know what to do ,so lay back and let me take charge of you ”
You let go of my hands and you pull and you tug ripping you knickers and holding your stuff
You lower yourself slowly, letting them touch
As my member was throbbing and your skin is so soft
I cant help this feel that this is too much
As i slide inside you the feeling is bliss it is a feel that i have so missed
Our bodies move and this is in time , and the smell of erotica is more pungent the wine
The taste that i have of you on my skin is pure ecstasy and as fresh as the wind
Our bodies are in motion for love to be had , but as our bodies are excited to see
We cum together and lay hand in hand

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The book of life

Passing through the pages of story book called life
Looking at the memories and memories yet to have
When all the dreams are coming and all the dreams gone by
We only look to the fun we leave behind
The people that we came to meet and the people that we lost
All are in the pages of the book we call our own
We look back at the places and place not yet been
We can always see our family in the pictures on our walls
But the loved one that have come to pass we can see in our souls
The love that they bring to us is everywhere to see
I can feel there love love in everything even you and me

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My mind

My mind is a canvas blank at the best of times
I can mould and sculpt to the best sometimes
The colours i see are made for me
For i can see a picture and make it for me
I love my mind its my own design
All minds are different never the same
I can see dinosaurs ,and even play games
I can be a musician ,or fly to the moon
Escape to the mountains and be there with you
I can run with the antelope or swim with the whales

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The fly

I saw you sitting there from across the room
So sweet , so suculent , i didn’t know what to do
I went on over , i sat and i said
Where have you been , my sweetest of sweets
You didn’t move , didn’t say a thing
But you where inviting and drawing me in
I wasn’t alone for we where all under your spell
There was a sweet aroma as you sat there in time
I just want to eat you , you suculent pie

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Space is a distortion of the mind
To where there void is a clearance in thought
Planets are ideas in a galactic state of freedom
Life is a meaning of many ideas in a collective manor
Air is a way of thought and freedom that surrounds ideas and notions
Water is the fuel that feed the galaxy in the mind

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