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Springs bulb

The snow is now melting , theres sun in the days
The bird are to wake up , and the squirrels  are in the tree
As i stretch my roots out like i waking from my winter sleep
My buds are slowly piercing through the dark , moist muds
I can feel the sun is warm as the snow melts away
Giving me some water to start on that spring day
My buds are slowly rising as i want to touch the sky
I know i will never do that as it wont be long till i say goodbye
As my leaves they roll out like natures sleeping bags
My bud it start to open and a flower i must show
The world i such a beautiful place , if my pollen doesn’t irritate your nose
My petals as they open the bees start to swam
My nectar they are wanting to feed the unborn hordes
My petals are now open and the sun light kisses each one
I can feel the sunlight warming from my head , down to my bulb
The bees are taking , my pollen for my friends
So we can do the same next year as winters come on round

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The tree

The leave they sway in the wind like hands waving in time
The branches the twist and turn as the passes of paths
The bark is rough like the stones on a path
The birds they cheep as like the people in the streets
As the sun beats down on the crisp green leave the butterflies warm in the summer breeze
Each little ant as it climbs up the bark chooses each grove like a life choice on there path
The nest in the branches it home for the birds as they grow old and have kids of there own
Each tree has a different tale as each one never grows the same set of branch

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My mind

My mind is a canvas blank at the best of times
I can mould and sculpt to the best sometimes
The colours i see are made for me
For i can see a picture and make it for me
I love my mind its my own design
All minds are different never the same
I can see dinosaurs ,and even play games
I can be a musician ,or fly to the moon
Escape to the mountains and be there with you
I can run with the antelope or swim with the whales

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