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The tenderness

She came home from work early , to find that her husband was already home .as she walked in to the flat she found red rose petals scattered on the floor leading to the bedroom but as she made her way to the bedroom ,he was not anywhere in sight 
So i called out to him ,but there is no reply ” are you home ” still nothing i walk over to the bed ,the petals stop and on the bed are some gifts . In my excitement i jump on to the bed and give each one a shake ,they rattle a bit but cant make out what they are .
I hear the front door close ” baby are you here ” but i say nothing and just hide behind the door . My husband walks in to the bed room and looks at the gift ” i hope he didn’t realise that i was here ” . He turns and walks back out the door to the living room and puts down the bag , all is so quite so i make my move towards the front door so he doesn’t realise im here but as soon as i start making my way to the door i could hear him behind me . Dam have i been caught , ” i knew you where hear i saw your foot poking out behind the door ” as he laughs to himself . I turn to look at him ” sorry what you doing back so early , your not meant to finish till 6 ” i said with a smile on my face , the excitemint was starting to get to me now i just wanted to know what was in those gifts . He looks at me ” well i could say the same for you “
We both started laughing as we walked in to the living room , he sat me down and handed me a blindfold ” what’s this for ” i said ” you will just have to wait and see , now put it on ” . I place the blind fold on and he took my hand ” where ” and he places one finger over my mouth , ” there will be no talking form now on just happy aniversary baby ” . I smiled as he led me in to one of the rooms , i was breathing heavy and deep i could not take much more the excitement was killing me , he laid me down on the bed and said ” wait here i will be back in a min ” .i sat there i could hear a pop in the back ground and then he walked back in , i could not see what he had but i could hear every foot step and it was making my heart race ” here baby take this ” i was a bit apprehensive about it as most time when he says that i have something disgusting in my hand , well i say most times there have been times i have found his big throbbing cock in my hand and it was just what i needed at that time . As i reach out and grab a hold of what he has  , i could feel its cold and glass ” its ok baby its champagne  ” he says so i too a hold and them placed the glass just under my nose just to smell it to make sure it was .
The smell was a sweet champagne, not like any i had had before but it was nice . Then he took the glass of me and pushed me back on to the bed , one of the gifts lightly hit my side ” what’s that ” i said as i took a hold of it . He whispers in my ear ” open it then “. As i started to rip the paper i could feel his warm hands running up my thighs , i got the first box open and something fell out of it and it laid on my belly , it had some weight but not much . I picked it up and was trying to work out what it was , it was soft and sealed in satin but it was also long and had bits coming of the side of it .
I had a load of different ideas but one stuck in my mind , but i didn’t want to be wrong so i started to peel of its satin cove and it was made out of rubber ,it sealed it for me i knew what is was . ” can you guess what it is” said my husband

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