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Our scents

Your scent is a perfume that drives at my lust
You hair gently rest on your shoulders and your bust
The light it sparkles off your cleavage from your glitter dust

Your eyes are the deepest , the deepest set of brown
Your body is a temple which i was to explore
You sit down on the edge of the bed in just your dressing gown
As you gown it drops down and on the floor
The sweetness of you figure is calling out for more

I cant keep my eyes of you as , you lay back on the bed
As you start to moisturise from your head down to your feet
The smell of cocoa butter it plays games inside my head
Your skin is soft and soothing again my tender touch

I need to be inside you , i need you so much
The thought of you next to me , sends tingles down my spine
My body is excited as you scent is fills the room
My body starts to perspire as i lay down next to you

As our bodies come together in sweat ,love and lust
The world just pass us by , for it is just us
The more our bodies tangle , the more we explore
The feelings inside us , crave , explode and need more
Our bodies are imploding with every thrust we make

Now our moments over , we lay in each others arms
No one can disturb us as in heaven we shall be
Locked inside our scent in an embrace of love and lust
We fall asleep together as we are tired from the rush
Our bodies still tingle as our minds come down from the rush

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