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Your groves and curves

My finger they keep moving , around your curves and groves
There kissing you so tender , as your body starts to move
Your body it stay swaying as the tingles now set in
As my finger are moving , you give out a big grin

My finger they keep moving , around your breasts and thighs
Your breathing it gets heavy as you turn and roll your eyes
My fingers are like static , they are stuck here to your skin
Your thighs they slowly open and a finger slowly slips within

I can feel your heart beat  , with every twitch and shy
I can feel you warmth with in , as my fingers slide inside
Your body starts to tense up , as my finger loves your clit
With every rub and every kiss , more moisture there is inside
I can feel you Cumming we need to show our love
The smell of all your juices i will wear as its our love
Your body cant stop moving as the excitement starts to fade
Now your lying in my arms on this bright sunny day      

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