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The tenderness pt 2

As i held it in my hands i could feel the rubber shaft , i laughed and giggled about it . If it is what i think then i have never had one before let alone used one . ” there are more baby ” , i put down the first present and put out my hands to receive the next gift but as i did i could hear him walking away and over to the hifi , ” where are you going ” i said ,but there was no reply and then he started walking back ” ok you can take off your blind fold now ” . I didn’t want to as i was enjoying the guessing game
i didn’t take off the blind fold and he made me wait , the excitement was driving me wild . I could not take it anymore so i pulled off the blind fold and just in front of me was an assortment of mixed fruit and a bowl of melted chocolate . What have i done to deserve this , i cant believe what he is doing . While i take in the sweet aroma of all the fruit he went to the cupboard and pulled out a large box . I cant believe my eyes , ” what’s in it ” , i ask but he says nothing . I look on the bed and take the last two presents and open them ,i cant wait to open the big one . One of the smaller boxes was a gold chain with my the first engagement  ring on it , i thought i lost it . The second one was the joke present, he does this every year , it was a hat that said  ” got head ” written on it . It made me laugh but my eyes where firmly set on the big box ” what could i be ” i said . I took the box in both hands and lifted it up on to the bed but it seemed a bit to light . I looked at him as he dipped a strawberry in to the melted chocolate , he did say a thing .
I started ripping the paper and inside was a brown box i started to open the box and as the lid opened i could see it was full of packing peanuts , i put my hand in the box and felt around ,for a second could not feel anything . Just when i was going to give up i felt something at the bottom , what is it . I pulled out an envelope and on it was written ” FAO my darling wife ”
By now i was so excited i pulled open the envelope and inside it was two tickets to Egypt for a two week stay in a 5* hotel.
” omg baby why ,what ,what ” i started to cry , i could not believe it all this for our aniversary .
He looked at me and then whispers in my ear ” its not over yet i have more planned but first could you get the massage oils and i will start the shower ” he said as he walks over to the bathroom .

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