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Building a fort

Last night we wanted the things that we could
We dreamed and planned never knowing we would
Money is a plan , but fun is much more
For fun outweighs things money and more
We said we would build a house for ourselves
But the building was made of glue ,love and wood
Your where the queen and i was the king
Our loyal servants was teddy’s and things
It was so fun for the would was ours ,we could rule with a balloon fist
Where we could have it all , money is paper and gold was plastic

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The fly

I saw you sitting there from across the room
So sweet , so suculent , i didn’t know what to do
I went on over , i sat and i said
Where have you been , my sweetest of sweets
You didn’t move , didn’t say a thing
But you where inviting and drawing me in
I wasn’t alone for we where all under your spell
There was a sweet aroma as you sat there in time
I just want to eat you , you suculent pie

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