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Writers block

I have lost my luster
I have lost my gumph
I have seemed to of fell in a writers slump

I have no word
I have no thoughts
I cant even remember the things i was taught

My thoughts have gone
My words have vanished
I cant even find what way to manage

I will have to rest
I will have to sleep
Then i might be able to find my feet

I cant even cook
I cant even talk
I have forgotten which way to walk

I must go to rest now as the hour draws near
I have ordered a pizza , and sat with my beers

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Waves of emotion are empowering
They sometimes are to strong
They sometimes get the best of you
They sometimes can be wrong
They sometimes make you happy
They sometimes make you sad
They sometimes  just sit there waiting
And the seep through all the cracks
They always like to be noticed
Like a siren in our heads
They like to nurtured in to something sweet
We all seem to have them like a shadow under our feet
If it was like peter pan and you could take them off and play
But they always there and waiting for the saddest of them days

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The fly

I saw you sitting there from across the room
So sweet , so suculent , i didn’t know what to do
I went on over , i sat and i said
Where have you been , my sweetest of sweets
You didn’t move , didn’t say a thing
But you where inviting and drawing me in
I wasn’t alone for we where all under your spell
There was a sweet aroma as you sat there in time
I just want to eat you , you suculent pie

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