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Memories and feelings lost

I have these feelings inside me
I can not shake them out
They make want to stand up
Then i scream and shout
I want to express my feeling
But they just wont come out
They stay down deep inside me
They wont come out

I have woke up every morning
Feeling like i want to cry
These feeling that im feeling
They come out through my eyes

These feelings are ones of sorrow
I think i misplaced my heart
I am still wanting to see you
But my heart knows i cant

My eyes they know my sorrows
As i gaze in to the past
I look back at the memories
Of you me and some laughs

You were a big piece
Of the life that i now live
You are the mother of my love , my friend , my wife

You have gave us so many memories
Of the ones we class like dreams
We hold them deep inside us
They make our hearts bleed

We still talk of the day
 you left us here alone
You where take from us suddenly
We couldn’t even phone

Now your up in heaven
We know your looking down
You always see us smiling
You never see us frown

We hold you memories close to us
As we know that you do to
We will remember all the things you taught us
We remember all your love

So when you come to visit
Please do not cry
We will be happy just to see you
You could even hug us good bye 

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