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Work of the words

The work of the poet is never ending
Ideas and thoughts never end
The pen hits the paper and it never quits
Its tearing up words and it stirs you up a little bit
Words are now flowing like water or wine
Theses words are all in my mind
The words can be the neatest of things
Or as dirty as your minds own bin
Each word has it own meaning as together have power
To big you up or tear you down
Its up to the poet to find there own way
The power of words will lead your way
It could be a nightmare that start that new thought
The word will reflect the fears you were taught
Daydreams are better for they can be short but have the power to alter your thoughts
For the poet the word are not easy to escape
They hunt you down and make your pen shake
The work of the words is never really done
Even when you sleep word are still number one

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Lost in the woods

I find my self walking alone in the woods
Nothing around me just the bark ,trees and wood
I look in to the moon light and all i can see
Is the moon as he looks down on me
The further i walk the more that im lost
I look at my phone but the batteries are dead
I can even call you , to give me a lift
My body is tired now for it has been hours
I have no food or water , just a bunch of flowers
The thought of you waiting is driving me home
I wish i could call you ,i wish i was home
A few hour have passed now and i wish i was home
I want to hold you body a squeeze it in tight
In miss the smell of your sweet perfume scent
You hair , your hands and the letters you sent
The sun is now rising and the house i now see i cant wait to see you and feel you with me
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