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I can feel you moving your hands over me
Your touch is soft like a feather it pulls me
Your soft words reside in my dreams where you place me
I am at peace while you body moves next to mine
As our bodies touch our souls connect
Like the water in the streams we flow together
Love making is sweet as we survive inside each others skins
Passion move inside us like the air through the trees
Our bodies move together in sweet harmony
Sweat it forms over the curves and faces Our love is particles forever sealed in our own embrace 

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I play with the thought that i can write .

I play with the thought that i can say

a letter i write but not much to say

i store my feelings and keep them a bay

why do i do this for there i much to be said

but the words they escape me and fall from my head

i put pen to paper but i just cant write

i doodle and scribble , it not a good sight

my words are like a painting ,for i need a muse

but i think of these time when i feel confused

my head is a volcano , it explodes with so much

but i want to sleep now i fight it so much

why is when you just want to rest your head start to be thinking and i need my bed


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