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The excitement

I can feel you around me so soft to the touch
I see that you want me as you hips move around
Im so excited as my cloths hit the ground
I smell you on my finger a scent that’s so sweet
My toes are curling , my heart skips a beat
Your curves are like magic that my eyes just cant bare
Your figure is a symphony that i want to hear
You look right through me as i lay to bare 

As you slowly move to the bedroom i just cant wait
I want to be inside you , i cant wait to taste
As you move over to the bed i can see , your eyes are moving all over me
One thing you see and you can not but stare
As my blood starts to pumping and my eagle is there
You throw to the bed and your eye want me so
You climb on top and you hips give a go

I can feel im inside you as your eyes start to roll
Your hips are a pleasure that’s worth more than gold
My hand are tingling as they like what i see
This place is heaven as our bodies start to rock
I want to stay with you , in heavens sensual rock
Your body is swaying and your beasts like to bounce
I hold you so tightly and kiss with my mouth
Our bodies are tightening as we know what comes next
We scream out with pleasure as our bodies connect

Now that its over i cant let you go
I want you again , shall we give it a go

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