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The room

Looking around this dark quite room
The walls are talking of people gone by
They all went to sleep in the bed where i lay
Sitting on the seat where my jacket laid
The floor is marked with each step they took
As they pass and met in that quite room

The pictures have seen so many faces , that have to so many places
The carpet is stained with love and blood
As the room was more then just a club
Each corner was met by another wall ,that spoke of the people that have passed of old

The walls maybe tainted and the people have gone but the spirits will never go they have never gone

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Building a fort

Last night we wanted the things that we could
We dreamed and planned never knowing we would
Money is a plan , but fun is much more
For fun outweighs things money and more
We said we would build a house for ourselves
But the building was made of glue ,love and wood
Your where the queen and i was the king
Our loyal servants was teddy’s and things
It was so fun for the would was ours ,we could rule with a balloon fist
Where we could have it all , money is paper and gold was plastic

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Waves of emotion are empowering
They sometimes are to strong
They sometimes get the best of you
They sometimes can be wrong
They sometimes make you happy
They sometimes make you sad
They sometimes  just sit there waiting
And the seep through all the cracks
They always like to be noticed
Like a siren in our heads
They like to nurtured in to something sweet
We all seem to have them like a shadow under our feet
If it was like peter pan and you could take them off and play
But they always there and waiting for the saddest of them days

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