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I sit and stare out in to space
Wondering if i will ever be great
Wondering if i could ever be seen
Wondering if i would shine and gleam

As i sit i ponder thoughts
Thoughts of who , what , and was
Thoughts of plans that may come true
Thoughts of me , and thoughts of you

I like to think of things i see
Things like times ,places  , and thee
Things i bought, things i sell
Things that ever leave a lasting smell 

My senses are not the brightest sparks
My senses lose me when it is dark
My senses bring me home to you
My senses tell me what to do

I am a person to that i be
A person who loves
A person who care
A person who leaves all things to bare

I shall be the one that fights
The one you snuggle up to in the night
The one you love , the one you care
The one who plays with your hair

I sit and ponder as i look out in to space
We are one , we are the human race 

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