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Your gone

Its a sobering notion knowing you are gone
We live our lives with this feeling so wrong
We look to the light and all that we see
Is you smiling face looking back on thee
Time has past but still no betters
We formed a whole in our hearts that cant be calmed
We toy the notion if you where here we see
But nothing comes not just for me
We look around to the places you be
But it is empty , nothing to see
We want to hold your hand once more
To hear you say , it will be never more
It breaks our heart knowing your gone
Why wont thee feelings go we want your song
The lights now dim and the air is cold we are now getting old
But the pain wont go it always shows
That we miss you why don’t you come home
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I miss you

I would travel through time to see you again
Space would be no worry if i could touch your skin
The air would carry your voice for my ears to hear
To walk in your footsteps would be to walk in the path of one of the greats
Your kisses are missed in the timeless piece of my heart
We would float around saturns rings to be able to say i miss you
The sun would be eternaly black with the tears we have shed in your wake
My time with you was short but you held my heart
Your eye could see through my outer shell and free my inner soul
Your laughter was the sound that would spread happiness to the four corners of the globe
Could this be that i miss an angel
Could this be our angel was taken
Could this be our angel was not meant to play

We miss you our sweet angel
We miss you
We miss you missing us

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Waves of emotion are empowering
They sometimes are to strong
They sometimes get the best of you
They sometimes can be wrong
They sometimes make you happy
They sometimes make you sad
They sometimes  just sit there waiting
And the seep through all the cracks
They always like to be noticed
Like a siren in our heads
They like to nurtured in to something sweet
We all seem to have them like a shadow under our feet
If it was like peter pan and you could take them off and play
But they always there and waiting for the saddest of them days

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