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As i start to rise up i kiss everything i see
I will take away the darkness and make it so you see
I will let be be all warm when nothing is around
I will even start a heat wave when i hit the ground
I will look down in happiness for i love what i see
I will make the waters warm up so you can paddle in the sea
I will see you in the park or even walk the dog
I will even watch you playing while i combat with the fog
I like to be the bearer of good time you see
I like to be the one who will make you walk with me
I like to see the faces as they look in to the sky i like to watch the world as i go on by
I am only here for a few hours for my brother likes to play
So i will go to sleep now and see you another day

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Swim in the sea

If i could i would live in the sea
Swimming and playing all day for me
The fresh warm waters would be so nice
As i splash with dolphins and sleep in the surf
I would go to the deepest parts of the world
To search and find things of old
I would swim on down to Atlantis to see
If the cities are gold and if there is room for me
Cruise with the whales and sing to there songs
Sleep in the barrier reef now that cant be wrong

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My waves

My waves can be seen in through the port holes in the ship
My waves can be felt when the gulls come to rest
I kiss the beach and and the Childs feet as they play by the shore
My waves they move as the tide goes by
My waves they shape and see love on the pier
My waves are like finger tickling the pebbles and sands
My hands wrap round the world holding the land and kissing each continent
My water they hold peace within is i hold like glue the people within
My wave can take what is owed as i swallow land from times of old
My waves are soft and surrounds all that live on the ground 

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The sea

I can feel the waves are breaking in to the this little rock pool
The water is soothing as the waves they move around
As the waters clearing , i see fish and crabs in the sand
The sun is warming on my back here as i stand
The sound of the ocean moving make me happy in this land
As my feet is moving the sands between my toes
I can feel the water rushing away as it goes
My feet are sinking in the sand as the sunlight start to go
The salty smell of the sea air is a blessing in disguise
I can feel the moisture in the air as it soothing in my eyes
I really should be going but im in heaven where i stand
I will come back to this place again i know i will i can

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