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Show me

Show me the pleasures and all endeavours in your
Show me your secrets and I will hold them for all time
Show a picture of your deepest desires
Show me your what your wanting so I can make you mine
Show me a kiss and I will give you three
Show me the work and I will catch it just for thee
Show me this passion that you hold inside
Show your caring so I wont die inside
Show me the mountains and we can conquer them just you and me
Show me a valley and we will cross it just to see
Show me your willing and I will close the deal
Show me your the one and we ca just let be
Show me your a runner and run away with me
Show me that your laughing, as we chase around a tree
Show me all of heaven and I will never die
Show that you are longing and will not make you wait
Show me how to please you and I will do my best
Show me how big your heart is and We will never be apart

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