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Super nova

Today was the first and the last day for life
People are living and some are in strife
The rich the poor we all we all fought the fight
Nature takes over and day became the night

The wind was hot and the sun was black
The earth turned to dust ,  with mountains and cracks
The trees were dying and life seem to be weak
The air was think and it burned from the heat

Mercury was boiling and the water was gone
The sea was depleted and the fish had all gone
The nights was boiling like winter on the sun
Life was collapsing , the world was scorched by the sun

The sky was a prison , from which there was no escape
The world was warping , it was being bent out of shape
Tortured by sunlight and burnt by the night
Nothing could escape it , not even the light

The sun was expanding and the plants couldn’t of run
The sun had swallowed , taking back what it won
Last moment of sunlight as our planet was done
The sun won the battle and its bounty it had won

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