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A storm is brewing

The rain is coming i ac feel it in the air
A strom is brewing in feel it in my hair
The wind it pick up and is blowing through the leaves
My brains saying stay in as the rain starts to pour
My body wants to go out so i can feel it some more
The rain is hitting against the window pain
I reach out the window so i can touch the rain
Each drop is moving to its own thunderous dance
Each flash of lightning is a shot from above
I can feel the static ,its like lightning bolt hug
I open the door to see the storm that brews
Before each flash of lightning i can feel the static charge
Like a moth to a flame i want to see the stormy world
As i step out in to the world i feel the rain on my face
Each drop is running down my face and falling off my chin
I can feel the water as it cools between my toes
I love the feel of nature i hope it never goes
As i stand out in the storm my body is wanting more
So i stand out in the garden , so i can feel the rain as it pours
My cloths are getting we now as they cling on to my skin
I love the feeling of the storm as the rain  pounds down
I love nature fury when it beautiful like a strom
Now i must go in and get myself warm

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