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Nothing adds up

I find myself lost but found
With my feet planted in the ground
Im flying high but with no wings
Singing loud but with no voice
I make a noise but yet its quite

The road i long it just three steps
I walk alone but with my crowd
In the dark we shall see light
Our time is short, lets stay a while
I have no plans so we have been told

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The bath

I turn on the tapes and look down
Something is missing oh its my night gown
Wait that’s not right my mouth is dry i am missing my glass of wine
I get some pajamas and two big towels
Set up the bath rub with a bath bomb and some suds
Wait the bath is not ready , a sweet tooth i have
Some chocolate im needing ,it would be nice
I think im ready everything i must have
I light up the candle and lay back in the bath
The bath bomb is working i can feel it on my back
The water is soothing i can feel the salts in my crack
Im now relaxing with my book and some wine
I love this feeling it just all mine
A few minutes passes the wine hits the spot
My sweet tooth is calling now where are the chocs
I can feel the wine soothing my head as i lay
I don’t want to get out i just want to wait
Its getting to the good bit in flicking the page
I put my book down and reach for my towel
The candle are inviting as i lay back down
5 more minutes everything can now wait .
As i finish the chocolate and clean off my face
I better get out now the waters getting cold
My skin has gone wrinkly and im looking old
My finger and toe look like prunes as i dry .
I put on my pjs and pull out the plug .
 as i put on my slippers and and walk like a god
Im so relaxed now as i sit in my chair
What an end to another perfect day
I hope they the others will finish this way 

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I can feel you moving your hands over me
Your touch is soft like a feather it pulls me
Your soft words reside in my dreams where you place me
I am at peace while you body moves next to mine
As our bodies touch our souls connect
Like the water in the streams we flow together
Love making is sweet as we survive inside each others skins
Passion move inside us like the air through the trees
Our bodies move together in sweet harmony
Sweat it forms over the curves and faces Our love is particles forever sealed in our own embrace 

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My mind

My mind is a canvas blank at the best of times
I can mould and sculpt to the best sometimes
The colours i see are made for me
For i can see a picture and make it for me
I love my mind its my own design
All minds are different never the same
I can see dinosaurs ,and even play games
I can be a musician ,or fly to the moon
Escape to the mountains and be there with you
I can run with the antelope or swim with the whales

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