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Loves sonnet

Love is so warming from my head to my heart
It follows me everywhere even in the dark
It tells me im stupid when i do things wrong , it tells me im funny when i wear a thong
My heart full of songs that are made just for you
I write them daily , when i am with you
The poet inside it live in my heart for he sees nothing just love , joke and sparks
My eyes are absorbing the light that you shine
My eyes they are innocent for they have no age
For our loves eternal , it will see us through the days

I am willing for your tender touch , for my hand it misses , it misses you so much 
I will to go to the end of the world for your flower
I will spin it in silk to show our love has  power
Your words are a song that my ear love to hear

Now this is a sonnet of word just for you
I will love you through and through

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