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The day

So the morning starts with the alarm clock ringing it hurts
My head is still heavy i have to get ready for work
The alarm is still ring although it is not on
I have hit the snooze but 10 more minutes  cant be wrong
As i open the curtains to say morning again
The sun is high it the dawn of a new day
The walk to the bathroom is ever so long
My legs are so heavy as i walk along
The morning is better for i had a good shower
Now i am full of the mornings great power.
I pick out my clothes its a suit day today
The suit is now on and the breakfast i had egg and bacon now i am so glad
The commute to the office is a long a tiresome trek
Monday morning are a waste for my head is never really awake
The day is done and its off home with a tired head and achy bone
Home on the sofa i don’t want to move but the dinner wont do itself
Dinner done and pjs are on time to rest , tv on beer in hand
Im the king of my castle ,lord of my land
Bed time come and another day done , i hope tomorrow will be fun 

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