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Im looking at my wrist watch for its nearly time
The time so passing slowly i just want to make you mine
I have lit up all the candles and opened up the wine
I cant wait to see you , to see you when we dine

The meal is nearly finished cooking , and the place mats have been set
My mouth is really watering , my arm pit feeling wet
Im starting to get sweaty , a shower i must get
I jump in to the shower i start washing all around
My nerves are taking over , i can not stop the sweat
I need to start to calm down , a release now i must need
The soap is run down my chest , the menthol i can feel
It tingles on my man bits , it tingles and it thrills

My man bits getting harder , as my heart begins to pump
My hands begin to wonder as my helmet begins to show
My blood ir really pumping , as im starting to get hard
My hand is slowly soothing , as it washes round my bar
My nerves are getting me going , a stroking now begins
It starting to release it , as my Cumming now begins
My pace it start to quicken , the harder i now get
My heart is really pounding , ejaculate i now send
The feelings of explosions , they settle down my nerves
Its time for me to get ready , soon the doorbell will be heard
My nerves are now better , i can think with a clear head
The meal is now ready , i need to start the serve
The doorbell starts to ringing , the doorbell is now heard

Its perfect timing i think , as the door now is open
Please why don’t you come in , dinner is now served
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The bath

I turn on the tapes and look down
Something is missing oh its my night gown
Wait that’s not right my mouth is dry i am missing my glass of wine
I get some pajamas and two big towels
Set up the bath rub with a bath bomb and some suds
Wait the bath is not ready , a sweet tooth i have
Some chocolate im needing ,it would be nice
I think im ready everything i must have
I light up the candle and lay back in the bath
The bath bomb is working i can feel it on my back
The water is soothing i can feel the salts in my crack
Im now relaxing with my book and some wine
I love this feeling it just all mine
A few minutes passes the wine hits the spot
My sweet tooth is calling now where are the chocs
I can feel the wine soothing my head as i lay
I don’t want to get out i just want to wait
Its getting to the good bit in flicking the page
I put my book down and reach for my towel
The candle are inviting as i lay back down
5 more minutes everything can now wait .
As i finish the chocolate and clean off my face
I better get out now the waters getting cold
My skin has gone wrinkly and im looking old
My finger and toe look like prunes as i dry .
I put on my pjs and pull out the plug .
 as i put on my slippers and and walk like a god
Im so relaxed now as i sit in my chair
What an end to another perfect day
I hope they the others will finish this way 

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