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Zombie apocalypse

Walking threw the forest with death here by my side . The distant sound of groaning and the moon up in the sky . Each step is place with precision and no trace I leave behind . I dont want to be captured so I leave nothing behind .
I’m not sure what the day is , I dont know where I am . I still wonder what happened , and why it fell on to this land .  The world is not the same now , since the world it went to pot . Each day is a constant battle , I dont know how long i got  .
Since the day of infection , we all prayed to gods . It seemed to fall on deaf ears , and the zombies they forgot . No running water or hot food , I carry what I got . Still we have to survive , but the people they forgot . Not seen another person , its been a good few days . I want to hear a voice again , I talking to my brain.
The zombie are the indigenous creatures and humanity just is not . The moons my only companion , and daylight is all for not .
There’s no time for sit and resting , for they lurk behind the trees . I wish I had a break from this but I sleep up in the trees. The battles is never ending , I wish I never bleed . The scent I have attract them , like a swarm the never flees . I can hear the zombies walking , all they do is bump and groan and scream .
I can hear some body calling , I fear im not alone . If they want to attract the zombies , that’s the way that i would go . I think the voice is growing , its getting loader as I wait . I think I want the company , my zombie friends can wait