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Missing the moments 

You take our hand and lift us , we are floating inside the clouds Dancing in our dreamland , with our feet still on the ground 

Your whispers are a blessing , with the softness of your voice 

We chase the day you left us , but not able to have choice 
We wonder along the valleys , and climb the steepest hills 

Have a drink in the meadows , for the time we must now fill 

Your visit are the briefest , just a blink of an eye 

We remember the day you was taken , for our tear just will not dry 
You hands are slowly fading , the clouds begin to part 

The aching slowly growing , as our heart beats will start 

The breeze softly building , and is pulling us away 

Your hand is nearly gone now , but you love is here to stay 

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Our day 

My nerves are slowly erupting The excitement is too much 

I can’t wait to hear you saying 

Your vows and feel your touch 
This day has quietly crept up 

Now it’s finally here 

The day to celibate now 

Now let’s toast and spread some cheer 
This day it shall be ours 

This day Is just for us 

This day is love and flowers 

This day it means so much 
For the time is passing quicker 

The minute are now in time 

The chorus and the verses 

The blessings written in rhyme 
The suits are nicely waiting 

The dress is in the wind 

The makeup and the haircuts 

As the wedding party sings 
Your my world , my love , my soulmate 

Your the laughter in the winds 

Your the tears I have in waiting 

For when I see your wedding dress swishing 

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In the light 

In the light 
The day was cold , and there was a chill in the air . Andre woke in the soft light of the sun trickling through the gap in the curtains , as the sun crept up the warm sheets and on to Andre’s face he started to stir . His day is set in stone as the day he has to say good bye , the day he would change lives forever , he would replay over and over again in his mind . As Andre sat up in his bed a lonesome tear would tingle it’s way over the crest of his nose and drop of the tip . As the sun burned through the undrawn curtains and the alarm clock started to go off Andre knew that his day had well and truly begun . As he hit the alarm clock to stop the repetitive chime of bells , the overwhelming feeling of sorrow and regret took over his whole body . He stood and started the lonesome walk to the shower , for he needed to get ready and get to the cemetery 

As Andre was ready for the funeral , the worse was yet to come . He headed over to the window to look for the hurst but the road was clear . Andre places one hand on the glass window , looking and hoping that this day was a dream . The longer he was waiting the more he could remember the day of passing , but as the tears welled up in the corner of his eyes he knew that it wasn’t over . A few minutes passed and the hurst pulled around the corner of the street and he could see the casket in the back , all the flower round and the reef that he had made placed on the top . Andre found himself caught up in lasting memories until he heard a knocking at his door . He turned and walked down the corridor to the front door , but with ever step and every picture he past his heart stopped and the tears ran down his face.

As he reached forward to open the door , Andres fell to his knees . The smell of the his coat as he fell reminded him some more . 

” I can’t do this ” Andre said with a quiver in his voice , but he knew he had to . He reach in to the top pocket of his blazer and pulled out a tissue , but as he pulled out the tissue he felt something else in the pocket too . Andre reached in to the pocket and pulled out a token for a fairground , the token was plastic but with the picture of three doves on it . He clutched the token in his hand as tight as he could , and with the other hand he wiped the tears away with the tissue and reached out for the door handle once again.

Andres hand softly placed on the handle and gripped to turn it to hear the locks clicking . As the door slowly swung open he could see the bonnet of the black hurst parked out side his house . “I can’t do it , I can’t do . I have failed him and failed my wife ” . The door opened and he started his Lonely walk to the hurst . ” why , why do I have to do this ” . The tears fell down his face like a thousand beads of love raining down his face . “sir , are you ready” Andre looked up to the man stood at his gate . “sir it’s time , I have the letter you gave me and I have prepared everything you have asked for “. Andre liked up and held his head high “ok . Thank you “. He took each step toward the hurst with a deep breath , but once the tiny casket came in to view he held his breath . For each pull on his lungs would choke back the tears , and the longer he held his breath the more he knew that the love that he has for his son was overwhelming and the avalanche of tears and memories would play out in every tear that . Andre knew that this day would be hard but the sight of the tiny wooden box that would be the last bed for this son would send his emotions in overdrive . 
Clutching on to the token and the letter given to him and the memories placed in to his mind Andre knew it was time . ” sir are you ready , the hour is upon us ” . Andre bowed his head and walked over to the hurst and opened the door ” I’m ready ” 
The car started it slow journey towards the cemetery , Andre open the letter he wrote only a few weeks earlier 
” dear son ”
Your the light I hold , the days I breath 

My shining star , my northern light 

You hold me close , you help me see 

You are my beginning , I love you till the very end 

Your hand they captured my heart , form a world of dark 

I would travel the Galaxy to see you smile 
Son I might not of been there much but I would sell my all to be able to see you grow , to share your birthdays with you and to be there for every heart break you will have . Love is a fickle word in which is said in every day life but to be able to hold you in my arms and look in to your blue eyes is love enough for my weak heart . I can not even start to explain just how proud I am and how much of a fighter you are . You might of been sick from a young age and your body might of been weak , but with each day that past you showed me just how to live , taking each second and doubling the time we spent together . I love the way you woke me up each day with those soft word “I love you daddy ” . 
The hurst pulled up at the cemetery and stopped at the door of the church . The doors opened to the car and the church bells rang . Andre knew what he had to do , he walk to the back of the hurst and was accompanied by three other men . Andre and his three brother softly pulled the casket out the hurst and lifted the light wooded box to there shoulders and inter locked there arms . The brothers took a deep breath and Andre said in a soft voice ” 1,2,3 ” , with out prompting the brothers walk the casket towards the church . As they got near to the church Andre could see all the friends and family sat in the stools waiting , the sound of tears , cries and family morning flooded out the doors . The brother banded together and lowered the casket down to waist height , but before they entered the church each brother looked at Andre and said ” we love you bro and we love Leon , this is his life we are celebrating . What we are holding now is the biggest heart in our lives and we will miss him greatly and we will live our lives for him in the way he told us too ” 

As they brought in the tiny casket every one in the room stood and held up a wooden train . These train were his favourite toys , the brother walked the casket over to the altar and placed it down . Andre could not leave Leon’s side but the brother went and sat with there own families, Andre placed his hand on the cold wood and lent over and placed a kiss on the brass name plate . “I love you son , please give mummy a kiss from both of us ” . Andre looked at all the familiar faces I front of him , who all in turn held the trains up as high as they could . Andre could not hold back his grief much more , and as the giant wooden doors closed and the priest walk to the front of the hall the sound of kids laughing and the song that both Andre and Leon had made was played over the speaker . The song that was made for fun by them was the best thing that they did in the last few days of Leon’s life . The song was not in tune or even in time but it was about all the fun and happiness that the two have had . 

The song played its last verse and the congratulation sat in there seats , Andre looked at the tiny box and fell to the floor , the sound of tears and cries filled the air . A little girl in the back of the room got up and went over to Andre and placed her hand on his shoulder and said ” he is my best friend , he is all of our best friend ” . Andre looked to the girl who was in his class at school , ” sir do you remember this head band ” . Andre wiped the tears from his eyes and looked at the head band ,” is that the one that Leon won at the fair ” . The girl replied with a smile on her face ” yes sir he did , he said to me that his daddy won it in a wrestling match , for him to give to me ” 

Andre smiled and the girl took his hand and helped him up and walked him over to his seat , the girl in turn walked back to her parents and sat down . A deep silence fell in the room and the priest walked over to the casket , he started the ceremony with a prayer and then opened with a speech about the boy and his life . Then came Andre’s turn to talk about Leon , but he was frozen looking and the altar. The priest walked over to him and got down on one knee and whispered in his ear ” it’s ok if you want I can do the reading ” . Andre looked at him and shock his head ” it’s ok father I will do it ” . The priest and Andre walked over to the coffin and said a prayer together and Andre then started to read the letter he had wrote 


“In your short life you have taught me so much and loved me so much , a love that I will be forever in your debt with as you may of had a short life but each day you showed me something I will spend the rest of my life with out ” Andre looked in to the room and said ” I’m sorry if I make no sense ” . He looked back at the letter and tears welled up in his eyes , ” I could not fight this fight for you , but you showed me how to be a fighter . The year that you was sick you amazed me with how much fight you had in your tiny body , you got up each day and did your daily routine straight in to my room to wake me up and then getting breakfast and we watched what ever you wanted on the TV . I think back to all them days we spent playing with your trains ” Andre stopped and reach in to his blazer and pulled out Leon’s favourite train . He took a deep breath and looked deeply and the train and could help but feel his legs go weak and the words would escape him as turned and places the train on the brass name plate . ” Leon this is your and I hope it finds its way to you as I want to play trains when it’s my time , but I know that mummy will play trains with you till I’m there . I love you ” . Andre wiped the tears away and lent down and kisses the train and the casket ” Leon I love you so much and you will always be my beautiful angel . 

The priest said one last prayer and then called his class mates up to give there gifts . As each child in time passed the priest the placed a letter or a picture or a toy into a box that Andre and Leon had made together . As the kids left the room each person walked over to the little decorated coffin and placed the train they had on to the top and said a few words . Andre waited for the last person to place there gifts and then looked at the tiny box covered in gifts and letter and pictures and he felt a slight comfort as he knew that his son was loved by so many . Andre started the walk to the back of the room to where his brother are waiting when he heard the curtains closing , and looked back at the coffin . The tear fell from his face in a cascade of love pouring from his soul , the air was sucked form his body and his legs no longer want to leave as they buckled underneath him and he fell to the on to one of the stools . One of the brothers saw as he fell and ran to his side ” brother I’m here , we are here ” . Andre could not move or breath as he was about to leave the sweetest little boy in his life , there alone . 
” I want my boy back , I want my boy . Leon daddy loves you , daddy loves ” . Andre could no talk as every time he blinked , he would see Leon looking back at him and smiling and whispering , ” I love my daddy so much ” 

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Loves moon 

The sunlight always lingers , as the light kisses your chest The softest beautiful bosom , that blossom I undress 

You neckline I will venture , that softest little crease 

My lips will hold the power , as I place a kiss here on your cheek 
The sunlight slowly dipping , and the lights are turned down low 

The little whisper of cracking , as the fire embers glow 

The wine is slightly sweating , in the glass next to the fireplace 

That taste will be everlasting , as cupid holds our place 
Those kisses we are exchanging , is money for our love 

That’s gold and diamond encrusted , and you wear just like a glove 

Our heart will beat together , as our toes they slowly meet 

A little dance together , as we hold down to our feet 
My finger they are shaking , I tremble in the wind 

My lips are always longing , to kiss you as the Angel sing 

I want to share my last breath , I want to live through the night 

I want to taste your sweetness , I want it to last all life 
To feel you playing with me , to hold me in the warmth of your hand 

I love the way I tremble , as I’m putty in loves modelling plans 

The sweetness of your Kisses , the juices of our lust 

I want to caress your body , I’m your for you can bust   


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Chocolate lovers 

Your scent it always lingers That taste is in the air 

The sweetest softest odour 

That makes me tingles everywhere 
I see you looking at me 

I want to taste you now 

My tongue it want your sweetness 

I want you here and now 
I can not stop the excitement 

Shall not go with out 

I want to hear my body 

As i caress you till I shout 
My warmth is all your needing 

For I want to feel you melt 

I want to taste you candy 

As you melt deep within my mouth 
I know that it will not last long 

I know I can’t do with out 

I want to feel you in me 

Oh how I love to long it out 
You love is ever lasting 

You love it can be bought 

You love is in my wet dreams 

You love it stains my thoughts 
lovers we will be forever 

Like Shakespeare in the wind 

I long to feel you inside me 

Oh and dripping off my chin 
I will not waste a moment 

It’s just you and me to see 

I love you sugary candy

From my head down to my feet 
Oh chocolate you have won another 

You got me to fall in love 

You wear my heart forever 

I love you , my bar of choco love 

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Cupid’s arrow

A rose will bloom forever A rose will live for life 
With the love we share together 

Our love will last for life 
With cuddles and kisses and loving 

Cupid will be in flight 
Spreading the love and happiness 

As We love to share till night 
Chocolates , roses for breakfast 

All day is spent with you 
We could hold each other warmly 

Or sit in the morning dew 
Hands are held real tightly 

As cupids arrow passes through
One look is all we need now 

As I fall in love with you 
My heart is beating even deeper 

My breath has now been took 
My love forever flowing 

From your ever loving look 


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My valentine 

My heart rate it stand to elevateThere is a tingling in my mind 

The softness of you presents 

With a drinking of the wine 
My body is a vessel 

It’s your toy at your dispose 

I’m willing and I’m waiting 

Wanting everything that it knows 
Your touch it will inspire 

There is a waking in my soul 

I’m looking for the power 

That your body knows it holds 
My breathing starts to deepen 

I’m longing to hear the words 

I love the way you tease me 

With them three little word 
My hearts crying out for loving 

My mind want to us to escape 

I want you everlasting 

Will you be my valentine soul mate  


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I wanted to say I love you , but the words are not enough . 
To show you would be a blessing , but I can not hold you enough .
I could write you a sonnet, or cry it from the clouds . 

I could tell you over and over but my words just are not that loud .
I could tell you in a story , and paint the world for you .

I would run out of things to say after I saying I love you .
If time is a gift , I would hold on to you for life . 

Unwrapping you like a rose bud , with the sweetest smell of night . 
I wanted to buy you a present , but money wasn’t enough . 

So I give you my heart , and my undying love .
The pages they do turn , but our story has not been told . 

It’s written in the stars , and the tails of time and old  


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Lost in shadows 

Chapter 1 pt 3 

As the beast ran he could feel the wind sweeping through the scales on his neck and down between each spine running down his back . Each step cause a small quake and ripples across the landscape, but the beast was not going to give up his life . This day would not be his last , but as each step ignited a hope in his eyes , as he remembered the days he could walk side by side with the mate he lost and hear the small whimpering as the young would follow . This also cause him to sorrow for all he ever wanted was taken away by the mighty blow of mans flying birds . The beast did not stop running as each vision fuelled his hatred and anger towards the beasts that followed him . 

” Charley delta lemur, we have the beast in sight . But it’s moving our heat sealers don’t detect its body . Do we have clearance to use line if sight ” 

“Delta Romeo, you have clearance as long as as human casualties are to a minimum. Above all else bring the beast down by all cost ” 
The beast could not know what was lurking over the next hill , but as he plunged down his front hands and pushed down he leaped in to the air and placed his hind feet in to the hillside. Without knowing the beast topped the hill and with the sun behind him he could look back to see the iron birds racing towards . 
” I have a shot ” 

” take it ” 
The first bird took the first shot and the venom hurtled across the blue skies towards the beast as it stood in a haze of sunlight . The unaware beast stood in the line of sight of the man ants as they built a last wall of guns and armoured stalkers . As the venom got closer the beast crouched as if to take the shot , the venom drew its last breath and a cloud of smoke choked the air and its last moments soon came to a close . The nose of the venom opened and the cutter was exposed , the beast had seen this bug before as it was the one that took his young . The determination of the beast could be seen in his eyes but as the venom nearing he turned his back and jump in to the wall of ants . As his feet hit the ground and his legs sprung in to action , he bound in the air once again and in to a sprint . The venom as it made contact with the still moving swirl of air from the flow of the vast beast caused it to change direction and the venom started to fall and towards the army of ants .  


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Lost in shadows 

Chapter 1 pt 2 

The great beast paused for a few minutes as if it was surveying the land scape , but as the dirt and dust settled the beast took a deep breath . As it pulled the air deep within its vast lungs , it would whimper but no ordinary whimper it was a deep bellow from the deepest reaches of its chest . Once the breath was drawn it stopped and looked up and opened its mouth exposing each of its vast array of teeth . The beast looked down and a deafening howl spread out over the countryside but this howl would be followed by an assortment of deepening clicks . The beast whimpered once more as it lowered its back and dropped its head , placing each hand on the ground and burying each clawed finger in to the dirt . Each finger was moving the soil over and digging deeper , as its finger was covered in the damp soil the beast bent down onto its knees and its head would turn and softly place the side of its face on to the soil . With a the soil exposed it would spoil the soil by leaving its scent as it poured out the side of its mouth , as the scent laced the ground it was smelling as it had found a scent that it had not smelt in some time . The beast stood upright in one swift motion , but as its hand pulled out the soil it was taking all the soil with it . 

The beast looked over the Great Lake and towards the hill but could not see anything , as the beast turned its head and looked to the side of him he could see two man made flying machines dancing in the sun as the stopped and two flashes came from each side of the flying machine . The beast knew what was to come next for it had seen it before , it was burnt in to the mind of the beast as he had seen his mate killed in front of him . The smell of burning flesh and the screams of his love as she passed in to the next world was scared in to his mind . The beast dropped his head took a deep breath and placed his hands on the ground and pushed in to the ground and like a cheetah sprung in to a sprint and charged across the countryside, pushing over trees and knocking over buildings that would stand in his way . He could hear the mighty raw of the man weapons as the hurtled across the sky , charging to put the last beast down .