Posted in simple obsession


There is a craving an having and it comes from deep within

A wanting for my fingers to trace over your skin

A longing for my fingertips to explore in every place

Looking for the point you body can not take

Tracing over your body parts and looking as you sway

Looking as your body moves and shivers in a way

From head to toe , your body knows a tingle you will have

From deep within your body swings and a kiss from your today

My fingers still exploring , a moan you shall let out

Enticing round your creases , as your nipples start to shout

Over ,round , and under , your breast start to shake

Knowing as your moves I can not look away

Each stroke I make , each kiss you take , your body comes alive

Sending littles tingles and making you wet as they arrive

I stoke your lips , as your hips do dip and you tremble deep inside

Watching as my fingers move and you beg them to come inside

Your body moves , I feel your groves , a tightening in your legs

A tickle and a tremble , as you pull the sheets down off the bed

Your body can not contain it , a explosion will arrive

You roll your hips , as my fingers twitch and you clit begins to cry

Each moan you make , your body shakes and deeper I will go

Wanting every piece of me , as your clit trembles as you explode

A deepening thrust , your head will rush , and your juices on the sheets

Watching as your eyes roll back , you lean just to meet

Your orgasm bursting and you tremble from head to feet


im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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