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That day in 1915

I can always remember that day at the home
When we visited granddad to see him alone
A loving war veteran with tales to be told
But none where as good as this day he told of old

It was a bright summers morning of 1915 , he was 17 and he looked just like me
He remembered it clearly for it was etched in his mind , that he found his love with her in his mind
That’s what he called her for her name was  jasmine , he would meet her that day as he signed him self in
It was the day he was recruited and she was next in line for wanted to fight on the front line
She was told no and sobbed as she left and then sat on down on the bench where we properly met
I got my orders and left out the door and went and sat next to that girl , from before
She asked if i was fighting or had i been sent over to Europe to fight with the men
I said yes as look in my eyes and said ” i know we have just met  , but this could be goodbye . I will be waiting here with a tear in my eye “.
I was so happy for i had fell in love with this girl that day next to the club , so i got my orders and got her address , then went on home to get me some rest
So the next day had came ,the day to move out ,so i got my things and my orders and went out
I walk to the to the town square where the army they met to pick up recruit’s. As i looked round that girl she was there , sitting alone , alone on that stair .
I wondered over in my army uniform , i looked at that girl and tapped her on the arm . She looked on up and gave me a smile , she stood on up and a hug she did give and a long loving kiss and a white handkerchief .
” i give you my love and this is for you ,so when you come back i know it is you ” . I took the hanky and put it near my heart and i gave her a hug and said ” you have my heart “
It was time to roll out as the men got there things , ” i should get going for they will not wait , but i will come back now just you see you wait “
I walked away and the girl start to cry ” i will be waiting with a tear in my eye ” , i got to the men and none where to glad for leaving there familys alone and so sad .
As the month went passing and the years went on by , i always remembered that girl with a tear in her eye

The war was now over and it was homeward we bound , with a smile on our faces and a tear and a frown , many friends we lost and loved ones had gone , but i had my letters my love and crown.
Back in the village i sat where we met , an hour had passed and i wanted to go to find me true love to see her golden curls .
I walk tk the address that i been writing too. There she stood as beautiful as can be , she had been waiting , waiting for me
I gave her the hanky so she knew it was me as she flung her arms around me

Now that was the story that stuck in my mind . the day my granddad had met his loving wife , after this story nothing more could be said as looked and remembered my grandmother who was the best


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