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Missing you 

Knowing your heart was broken You’ve taken your last breath 

Never seen the love you leaving  

Cause you wear it on your chest 
The days are short and cold now

Your heat is in the air 

The sun is softly setting 

Just knowing your not there 
The wave of silence quicken 

The dark turns in to light 

Peacefulness is falling 

As your wings take you to flight 
The shadows of an angel 

The feathers of your wings 

Seeing you are sawing 

To feel you dancing in the winds 
Your spirit everlasting 

The words you shared do shake 

To see the life you gave us 

See our love you love you take 


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The darkness is calling
It pulls me down
Is sees my weakness
My fear feeds it
My wings cant carry
My feet cant wall
Im falling

There are on side
There is no bottom
Its too far
The light is far
No sound to screen
No air to breath
Im falling

I want to go back
The door is closed
The locks are broken
Stuck forever
No one to see
Im falling

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