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My angel

I fallen for an angel

I fallen for my sun

I’m in love with the sweetest

I’m in love with the one

I fell for your beauty

I fell for your heart

I’m loving every piece of you

I’m loving how you light the dark

I fell for your loving

I fell and it will never end

You are my soulmate

You are my best friend

I’m loving every warm touch

I’m loving every kiss

Together we are everything

Together your my bliss

I love the way look at me

I love the way you miss

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Me an you

Looking out the window , with you here by my side

Looking as they steam up , and our fingertips intertwine

Finger linked together , the dew it slowly falls

As our body line together , and the sun longs for us to fall

The night is softly creeping , the temperature starts to drop

The dew moistened our fingers , as our butterflies chase the knots

Our temperature is boiling , the dew glistening in the light

Our bodies move together , as we have been looking for the night

Finger down the window pane , one hand against the wall

The table made for dinner , but my appetite will be my tool

The pans are boiling over , as our lips are close to meet

Your knees quickly weaken , an you tingle from head to feet

Heart beat quickly rising , as our breathing starts to match

A flame flickers in the reflection , as the fire starts to catch

That feeling I am nervous , the excitement fills the room

Your deepening breaths it whispers , as our love will fill this room

With each second near and passing , each time that we will kiss

The moments we share are perfect , each moment brings us bliss

Our fluidness in motion , our hips start to rock

The excitement boiling over , now we can not and shall not stop

Darkness is overwhelming , your skin brings in the light

Each touch will heat a candle , our lust will bring in sight

Your eyes are bright and enticing , insatiable in your hands

The feeling I am swelling , as our sweat falls like beads of sand

My nervousness erupting , my heart beating through my chest

Wearing my loving heart , like a loving warming vest

Our bodies intertwining , the smell of love thick in the air

Watch as the dew runs , like sweat beads running down your hair

Legs start to tremble , as the blood runs though my veins

The feeling of a loving swelling , and you will feel the same

Hands start to wonder , our love can not be contained

Like the ever moving ocean , each kiss teases our brain

My finger tips exploring , the loving contour of your frame

Each teasing and caressing, a curve to a point of no refrain

Trailing and the tracing, testing like a spell

The smell of your perfume, is making me compelled

The sweetness of your blossom , a flower I want to taste

Our hands slowly caressing , as we lead to our place

The darkness taking over , our cloth is on the floor

A longing for each other , a feeling we want each other and more

Our shapes are intertwining, as your sweat runs down your chest

The juices steady flowing , each exchange causes a mist

Staring in to the night sky , our hands they do shake

Loving every picture , as I make your body shake

Our bodies come together , like poetry of our love

Pulsing and thrusting , each trust with a loving rub

Our fluids mould together, and we rock like a heart

Love every moment, I’m held with Cupid’s dart

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Growing seedlings 

Waking from the ashes I’m reaching for the sky 

The sun drops they are cleansing 

I know not where or why 
Each arm slowly twisting 

I’m searching for the light 

The darkness I’m not fearing 

As I churn in the morning light 


My roots are sinking deeper 

I can feel the warmth within 

The softness of the soil 

As my growth starts deep with in 
Looking for my footing 

Searching for the sun 

I’m reach for the cosmos 

My life has just begun 
The days and years are passing 

I’m reaching for the sky 

Ripping through the skyline 

As my leaves brown , decay and die 
I’m holding in the strong winds 

I’m waving in the air 

Watching the seasons changing 

As autumn strips me bare 
The sun setting a little early 

My bedtime comes to call 

I’m watching all the animals 

As they shelter from the colds 
Autumn turns to winter 

My leaves they have gone 

Watching all the snowflakes 

Wondering where my summer have gone 

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The storm god 

Looking out the window , as the glazing starts to break . A darker side of shimmer, Dawn’s starts to awake . 
The Leaves fall like snowflakes , like boats capsized to drown . 

The burning of the ice shard , as the leaves they turn to brown . 
The waking of the storm god , the winds stricken and commands . 

The pointed fearful finger , it shakes and it bombards .
A dark mass ever growing , as the clouds they do shape . 

Like a blanket of darkened velvet , as the countryside it do wake . 
Loathing and slightly clumsy , the giants starts to move . 

Windy days of tomorrow , as the storm it feels it’s grove . 
A cauldron of blasting nettles , a shapeshifter is the sky . 

A battle in the morning , as the light stuns in the twilight sky . 
Like a wizard in his chambers , a poet in the mind . 

A loving hug from the storm god , as each flash eclipse good bye .  

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Sea’ paintings 

Walking through the tide line Sand kissing between my toes 

Water is really soothing 

As it washes away my woes 
Each wave is penetrating 

The sun blisters as I go 

Walking deeper in to the time lapse 

Where the sea only knows 
The waves softly caressing 

The deeper I must go 

Water up to my waist line 

Showing me just where to go 
Losing sight of the coastline 

Waves crashing in to my eyes 

Lost in the movement 

Of the sea’s beating nursery rhyme
Each breath becoming deeper 

The reaper shall be met 

Look in to the painting 

Of the sea’s shadows you are kept 

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Earth , wind and writers 

I close my eyes to rest my soul To shape what I can’t see 
The tiredness takes over me 

It shatters in to three 
My body it a vessel 

its a transport for this realm 
From lava lamps to sailing things 

To the ant upon the ground 
I close my eyes to rest my soul 

For a writer never thinks 
We live within the moment 

For the moments over when we blink 
The shadows fall upon us 

A deafening silence it will be 
An echo will be broken

From the falling of the tree 
Lightning strikes deep within me 

Like the waves breaking in the sea 
We look to the sky’s and wonder 

As the comets rocket by , you and me 
A shower of the planets 

A walk within the sand 
We love the world we live in 

Let’s take it by the hand 

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Missing you 

Knowing your heart was broken You’ve taken your last breath 

Never seen the love you leaving  

Cause you wear it on your chest 
The days are short and cold now

Your heat is in the air 

The sun is softly setting 

Just knowing your not there 
The wave of silence quicken 

The dark turns in to light 

Peacefulness is falling 

As your wings take you to flight 
The shadows of an angel 

The feathers of your wings 

Seeing you are sawing 

To feel you dancing in the winds 
Your spirit everlasting 

The words you shared do shake 

To see the life you gave us 

See our love you love you take 


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Sailor in a bottle

Looking in the bottle , to the ship that’s trapped in time .  Wondering if you will visit , to see us from time to time .  
A navy man to whisper , the man with the biggest heart 

Knowing your not with us , it’s breaking all our hearts 
Your a man who was regimental , a man who had seen the world . 

Your a story for the generations , the navy man for the world . 
You’ve been to exotic places , you’ve been around the world .  

You’ve been a friend and brother , a gentleman in the world 
Your at peace now your in heaven , or back aboard the ship . 

Traveling round the waters , or sat eating your fish and chips . 
The love you gave was warming , but now your flame gone out . 

Now nana will be there to greet you , and give you a northern clout 
We are all eternally grateful , for we had you in all our lives . 

The biggest voice and biggest heart , that we will miss for all our lives 

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Mother of a loving heart 

Looking out the window , as a tear rolled down there face .They are thinking of there mother , who no longer roams this place . 
Happiness and sorrow , and memories that they had .

Wishing she could whisper , or even hold there hand . 
The orchids they do blossom , and the trees they do bloom 

In there world it’s been just four years , but there tears still show there gloom
On that day of passing , there hearts they did break 

Even healing and time passing , there tears still do shake 
But in there time of sorrow , the love they have unite . 

They light the candle to shine out , and there love will be so bright .
She will look down and smile , as each candle catches sight .

Knowing her family are loving , with each heart she holds on tight 
Proud of the knowing , as her kids they have grown 

Each kids has had her grandkids , and her loving heart it still grows 
The mother she is looking and watching , as they grow 

She will hold the hand and kisses there cheek so there loving hearts will show 
We miss you smile , we miss you laugh , the way you told us off 

Always in our minds , hearts and soul , our mother of loving hearts 

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Untold storie of Christmas 

That time is nearly upon us and the stories will be told , of how a jolly fat man will travel true and bold . This is an adventure or is it true to see , of how one man can sail the earth for you and me . The tale starts with one boy and a dream that will be , a shooting star will bless him for all eternity . 
The date is unknown the time is neither here or there , the scene is set in one house where the day is crisp and blue . One loving mother sat down in her house with nothing to do , the fire is cooking the rabbit and the veg is in the pot . The smell of dirt and cinders fills the room with rot , she sits on a blanket and cradled her stomach as she cooks . In the room there not much in it just a fireplace and a bed , a table made of a log pile and a little wooden chest . Over in the corner there is a pile of little sticks , the making of a basket or a cradle made to fit . The half worked baby bed lays there not complete , as the mother spends her daytime hunting for her eats . The days are filled with house chores or relaxing as she may , for the one who would become her saviour and would be born for that day . Each day would be forgotten and the basket was complete , but filling her time from hunting she would scavenge in the woods . Gathering herbs and mushrooms and wild fruit as she walked , her due date was come as she waddled to gather food to hold . 

The seasons set for changing , the chill it filled the air . A crisp frost it thickens and is laying everywhere , each day was getting colder and the woods would be becoming still . That day that she was hoping was just over the hill . She laid in her bed to rest up , as uncomfortable as it would seem , for a few hours of sleeping or some rest so it seemed . A few hours had shot passed and the time would fade away , when light would creep in side the hour to stir he to the day . She sat up and looked at the fire the embers burning red , the flames where dancing in the wind and warm up her bed . The sun was slowly rising and as she stood to walk to the door , but as she took her first step her waters hit the floor . She turn and held the head rest and the contractions came in fast , the baby wanted her loving arms as she pushed the baby passed . Each time the contraction would cripple , but with the love that’s in her heart . The loving warmth it was feeling as she cradled it in her arms , she gazed at it and smiled . A little boy she had , the sweetest little crackle as she wiped her tears down of his head . The baby clean and feed now and she cleaned up all the mess , her little boy was crying in the cradle , his own nest . 

Each day was a struggle as her chores needed to be done , no name for her baby as she contemplated or more then one . A week had slowly shot past and the name was still not set , she looked at the stars and pondered as he rested on her chest and neck . As he slept he twitches and tickled and she giggled as he did , a name would come to her eyes as she call him her sweet nick . 

The days and years they crept past and the seasons they all changed , for many time she whispered I would never have it any other way . With age there came her illness and by the time that he was 10 , she was too ill to care for him and his story would just begin . The illness was slowly taking her breath there as she laid , she looked at the boy of 10 years and wiped the tears from his face away . Each breath was slowly driven and the shaking was a quake , as she softly whispered to her boy of mourning . ” your my saint , my love , my nick ” . He placed his head in her hands and then she pulled him in real tight , he could hear her heart beat quicken as her body gave up the fight . Her last breath was a soft one as her hands fell to her side , her eyes slowly glazed and her chest became still . ” mother , mother ” . A tear gently kissed his cheek and drop off his chin , one lonely tear for all the love he brings . His cheeks went from Rosie to a pale shade of red , as he sat there next to his mother laying in her bed . 

An hour it went past and the boy never moved even the neighbours came to see and sooth . Her spirit was now taken and her Vessel her was left , as the priest came to pray and place a cross there on her chest . The funeral was peaceful as the family came and went , the boy left to see in his life with an empty bed . The nights was long and lonely and the darkest times for him , as with a fire crackles and warms up the toy making begins . Each day began a new toy , the collection had begun . The day job was now calling , the wood won’t fashion it’s self . The toys don’t make the people , as he worked just like an elf . One night the sky was shining , been a year since she had gone . A shooting star was call , for he was the chosen one . A boy with imagination , true to the core . The one with sadness still warming , a willing to give out more . The boy wished and wondered , as the light was shining bright . A little kiss from heaven , as the boy grew over night . A childhood of poverty , now years of getting by . A silver beard was growing , as the world would feel his wealth . 

A few years has flown past , the boy was now a man . A women he was courting , as he worked she held his hand . They wanted to have a family , the wanted to see the world . That night once again had came round , and he still wanted to see his mum . Waking from a nightmare , as he was swollen in the tum . The snow was softly falling , and laying on the trees . The woodland creature calling , as the flakes fell on to thee . The man stood at his doorway , with his wife and food for three . No winter callers coming , as the snow laid thick and fast . The whiteness was is all over , it even covered up the glass . 

Nick’s birthday was now coming , but he never wanted gift . He want to something special , he wanted to give out his birthday wish . For a year he worked and fashioned , and made a sack of toys . His birthday was upon him , and that day had finally . For when he went calling , be never saw no one . Each door he went to visit , there was no one there inside . He left a gift and letter , for whoever may be inside . The night was long and tiresome , but he never felt like that . A world of wealth and sadness , but not for that night . The spread of joy and happiness , not wealth for all tonight . The gifts and letter would ponder , they would collect inside the mind . Who is the one that was calling , Nickolas Claus will be tonight . On this his birthday , he spreads gifts for all tonight .