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Heart broken

Looking at the sunrise, on that cold unfaithful day .

My heart knew something was a missing , but it didn’t want to say .

The taste of coffee now is souring , the air heavy to breath

That deep lonely feeling , that I have lost a piece of me .

A great feeling of sorrow , as tears roll down my cheek .

My legs start to buckle , as my knees they feel so weak .

My hands have started shaking , my breathing is so deep

My heart start to wimpier , as my brother starts his sleep

The phone call everyone is dreading , the voice I can not hear .

The voice is softly shaking , as the tones sadden not clear .

The call was short not chatting , the tears well so I can’t see .

My heart broke in to pieces , the memories flood passed me

The walls slowly are closing , the lights are so bright .

The night we all remember , as the angels take to flight .

Standing in the memory , many rivers made from our tears .

Goodbye to our brother , we hold your heart oh so dear

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There is a craving an having and it comes from deep within

A wanting for my fingers to trace over your skin

A longing for my fingertips to explore in every place

Looking for the point you body can not take

Tracing over your body parts and looking as you sway

Looking as your body moves and shivers in a way

From head to toe , your body knows a tingle you will have

From deep within your body swings and a kiss from your today

My fingers still exploring , a moan you shall let out

Enticing round your creases , as your nipples start to shout

Over ,round , and under , your breast start to shake

Knowing as your moves I can not look away

Each stroke I make , each kiss you take , your body comes alive

Sending littles tingles and making you wet as they arrive

I stoke your lips , as your hips do dip and you tremble deep inside

Watching as my fingers move and you beg them to come inside

Your body moves , I feel your groves , a tightening in your legs

A tickle and a tremble , as you pull the sheets down off the bed

Your body can not contain it , a explosion will arrive

You roll your hips , as my fingers twitch and you clit begins to cry

Each moan you make , your body shakes and deeper I will go

Wanting every piece of me , as your clit trembles as you explode

A deepening thrust , your head will rush , and your juices on the sheets

Watching as your eyes roll back , you lean just to meet

Your orgasm bursting and you tremble from head to feet

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My hand softly pushing on the dark timber door , pushing as the hinge swings and the rust crackles , creaks and moans . The air from the outside is think with the morning rains , the air rushing through the doorway as I take my first steps in to the world that I have not seen for a few weeks . The air inside the church was damp and cold , but the the side room off the main hall is where I called home as cosy as I could make it . A few candles remained alight , and the smell of the wood I had for a fire was smouldering with a few flickers of flames licking the last of the fire wood that I had remaining in the whole church . As my feet touched the cold concrete walkway out side he church , I could hear a distant but faint song of a robin in the trees . It’s a soft song that I have heard through the cold walls as I would wake up in the mornings , but the song would of been the same thing I was craving . The song that we needed food and some one to talk too , but for our luck it had been a week or two since I had a conversation with a fellow human .

The sound of the robins song had caused the woods surrounding the church to come alive and more and more tiny chirps echoed in the breeze , but with it caused the roar of the creature . It seems to wake to the slightest of sounds but also lays sleeping in the quietest of times , I have not seen the creature but know its there and it’s waiting . It wakes and feeds but I don’t know how long it will be till it falls back to sleep , we think it sleeps but no one has lived to tell other survivors otherwise.

The woods fell quite and the wind still , but with every placed footstep I took I could feel my heart race and my skin blush . The smell of my dirty skin and cloths lingered as I have not been able to find enough fresh water to clean , it had been about two weeks since I had felt running hot water on my skin . I can still smell the shower gel that I used in that abandoned house, it was the last time I saw electricity and running hot waster but that had only lasted for a few days , until the screamers past through and I had to run for the shelter once again . The screamers a dark looking creatures that came in the first wave after the first portal opened , the portals are invisible to see with the naked eye but with a night vision goggles you can see a faint outline to the portals entrance .

Now walking in the woods I was shaking and sweating as I did not know what was around the next tree . Each step I place with the lightest of touch as I didn’t want to cause anything to know I was there , but lately I was finding it harder to walk as the cut I had got one my left calf was getting infected and I had not been able to find any medicine to help it . I stopped and rested up against a tree that had fell in the storm of last week that nearly blew the slate tiles of the old church that I had been calling home . Once I had sat on the tree I could feel the heat from the cut through my jeans , it was lucky that i had lost a few pounds in the last week that my trousers had gone from tight to loose . I pulled up the bottom of my trouser leg to have a look and the cut had gone black with a hint of light blue in the Center , last time I saw a infection like this it was the last man I seen before the portals opened and the screamers took him .

Once I had rested I knew I had to move on and try to find some food or even water as I had nothing to survive on , but with every passing hour I could feel myself getting weaker and weaker . I could not go back to the church as I knew there was only shelter there , but no food or water . I had marked everywhere I had been on the old map I had found in the house , so I could see where I was going and even where I had been , but not knowing where the creature was I had to keep track to the places i knew was safe and where I had encountered anything that wasn’t human in nature . The only problem was on my travels I had encountered humans who was not the friendliest of people and I knew that in these dark time I would meet people like that . I think it was worse meeting humans that would turn on you in a second then knowing that you could be the next meal for the screamers , or even coming face to face with the creature.

My next plan was to make it safe through the woods to the little village on the other side so I could get my next meal or even just my next shelter

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Longing for the read

Awaking from your slumber

As my finger tickle your spine

Every word you’ve spoken

Is as smooth as vintage wine

I’m bound by your vision

I’m lost in the dark

I’m staying in to see you

Its you and me and my beating heart

Every word I am hung on

Never blink , so I don’t miss

Our story is unfolding

As I settle with a lonely kiss

Your always there to please me

Your never far away

Your in my dreams forever

Your the leaves falling in the day

The time we share is exciting

I tingle when I hold

I look forward to the moment

That our pages do unfold

You live for me and others

You join me for lunch and tea

You walk with me to the bedroom

You even know if it’s just you and me

We love a book for sharing

We love a book cause it is sweet

We love a book for the words that are spoken

We love a book for it’s vivid dream

All of us love for a romance

All of us love adventure too

We love to hate the villain

We love to for chapter two

Each day lost in jungles

A week with Christian grey

A month with mr heathcliff

For I can’t put you down today

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My angel

I fallen for an angel

I fallen for my sun

I’m in love with the sweetest

I’m in love with the one

I fell for your beauty

I fell for your heart

I’m loving every piece of you

I’m loving how you light the dark

I fell for your loving

I fell and it will never end

You are my soulmate

You are my best friend

I’m loving every warm touch

I’m loving every kiss

Together we are everything

Together your my bliss

I love the way look at me

I love the way you miss

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Me an you

Looking out the window , with you here by my side

Looking as they steam up , and our fingertips intertwine

Finger linked together , the dew it slowly falls

As our body line together , and the sun longs for us to fall

The night is softly creeping , the temperature starts to drop

The dew moistened our fingers , as our butterflies chase the knots

Our temperature is boiling , the dew glistening in the light

Our bodies move together , as we have been looking for the night

Finger down the window pane , one hand against the wall

The table made for dinner , but my appetite will be my tool

The pans are boiling over , as our lips are close to meet

Your knees quickly weaken , an you tingle from head to feet

Heart beat quickly rising , as our breathing starts to match

A flame flickers in the reflection , as the fire starts to catch

That feeling I am nervous , the excitement fills the room

Your deepening breaths it whispers , as our love will fill this room

With each second near and passing , each time that we will kiss

The moments we share are perfect , each moment brings us bliss

Our fluidness in motion , our hips start to rock

The excitement boiling over , now we can not and shall not stop

Darkness is overwhelming , your skin brings in the light

Each touch will heat a candle , our lust will bring in sight

Your eyes are bright and enticing , insatiable in your hands

The feeling I am swelling , as our sweat falls like beads of sand

My nervousness erupting , my heart beating through my chest

Wearing my loving heart , like a loving warming vest

Our bodies intertwining , the smell of love thick in the air

Watch as the dew runs , like sweat beads running down your hair

Legs start to tremble , as the blood runs though my veins

The feeling of a loving swelling , and you will feel the same

Hands start to wonder , our love can not be contained

Like the ever moving ocean , each kiss teases our brain

My finger tips exploring , the loving contour of your frame

Each teasing and caressing, a curve to a point of no refrain

Trailing and the tracing, testing like a spell

The smell of your perfume, is making me compelled

The sweetness of your blossom , a flower I want to taste

Our hands slowly caressing , as we lead to our place

The darkness taking over , our cloth is on the floor

A longing for each other , a feeling we want each other and more

Our shapes are intertwining, as your sweat runs down your chest

The juices steady flowing , each exchange causes a mist

Staring in to the night sky , our hands they do shake

Loving every picture , as I make your body shake

Our bodies come together , like poetry of our love

Pulsing and thrusting , each trust with a loving rub

Our fluids mould together, and we rock like a heart

Love every moment, I’m held with Cupid’s dart

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Growing seedlings 

Waking from the ashes I’m reaching for the sky 

The sun drops they are cleansing 

I know not where or why 
Each arm slowly twisting 

I’m searching for the light 

The darkness I’m not fearing 

As I churn in the morning light 


My roots are sinking deeper 

I can feel the warmth within 

The softness of the soil 

As my growth starts deep with in 
Looking for my footing 

Searching for the sun 

I’m reach for the cosmos 

My life has just begun 
The days and years are passing 

I’m reaching for the sky 

Ripping through the skyline 

As my leaves brown , decay and die 
I’m holding in the strong winds 

I’m waving in the air 

Watching the seasons changing 

As autumn strips me bare 
The sun setting a little early 

My bedtime comes to call 

I’m watching all the animals 

As they shelter from the colds 
Autumn turns to winter 

My leaves they have gone 

Watching all the snowflakes 

Wondering where my summer have gone 

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The storm god 

Looking out the window , as the glazing starts to break . A darker side of shimmer, Dawn’s starts to awake . 
The Leaves fall like snowflakes , like boats capsized to drown . 

The burning of the ice shard , as the leaves they turn to brown . 
The waking of the storm god , the winds stricken and commands . 

The pointed fearful finger , it shakes and it bombards .
A dark mass ever growing , as the clouds they do shape . 

Like a blanket of darkened velvet , as the countryside it do wake . 
Loathing and slightly clumsy , the giants starts to move . 

Windy days of tomorrow , as the storm it feels it’s grove . 
A cauldron of blasting nettles , a shapeshifter is the sky . 

A battle in the morning , as the light stuns in the twilight sky . 
Like a wizard in his chambers , a poet in the mind . 

A loving hug from the storm god , as each flash eclipse good bye .  

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Sea’ paintings 

Walking through the tide line Sand kissing between my toes 

Water is really soothing 

As it washes away my woes 
Each wave is penetrating 

The sun blisters as I go 

Walking deeper in to the time lapse 

Where the sea only knows 
The waves softly caressing 

The deeper I must go 

Water up to my waist line 

Showing me just where to go 
Losing sight of the coastline 

Waves crashing in to my eyes 

Lost in the movement 

Of the sea’s beating nursery rhyme
Each breath becoming deeper 

The reaper shall be met 

Look in to the painting 

Of the sea’s shadows you are kept 

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Earth , wind and writers 

I close my eyes to rest my soul To shape what I can’t see 
The tiredness takes over me 

It shatters in to three 
My body it a vessel 

its a transport for this realm 
From lava lamps to sailing things 

To the ant upon the ground 
I close my eyes to rest my soul 

For a writer never thinks 
We live within the moment 

For the moments over when we blink 
The shadows fall upon us 

A deafening silence it will be 
An echo will be broken

From the falling of the tree 
Lightning strikes deep within me 

Like the waves breaking in the sea 
We look to the sky’s and wonder 

As the comets rocket by , you and me 
A shower of the planets 

A walk within the sand 
We love the world we live in 

Let’s take it by the hand